University Of Oxford’s TMCD And openbusinesscouncil To Co-Organize The International Investment And Innovation Forum On June, 25

The International Investment Innovation Forum is a prestigious annual conference, co-organised this year by openbusinesscouncil and the Technology and Management Centre for Development (TMCD) – part of the Oxford Department for International Development (ODID), University of Oxford.

The International Investment and Innovation Forum on June 25 Co-hosted by Citiesabc Openbusinesscouncil and The University of Oxford’s TMCD

Due to be held online on 25 June, the International Investment Innovation Forum has long played host to such groundbreaking technological advances and provided them with concrete financial support, from guest investors to incubators. Taking place at the end of the month, the Forum will bring together a rich ecosystem of thought leaders, tech innovators and business magnates.

The opening session will be presided over by Professor Xiaolan Fu, Director of TMCD, and feature high-profile speakers: Professor Chas Bountra, Pro Vice Chancellor for Innovation at the University of Oxford; Lord Tim Clement Jones, Co-Chair of All Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence; Dr Eugene Quian, Chairman of UBS Securities; and Dr Sacha Wunsch-Vincent, Head of the Economics and Statistics Division at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and Co-Editor of the Global Innovation Index.

The keynote session, chaired by Professor Diego Sanchez Ancorchea, Head of ODID. Keynote speakers include Mr Dinis Guarda, Chairman of Open Business Council; Dr Junmin Kong, CEO of Ciprun; and Sonia Kabir, Founder of SBK Foundation and Ignite Fund. The Forum will end with a talk from Chris Fellingham, Licensing & Ventures Manager at Oxford University Innovation.

Other speakers that will take part in the forum include Vernon Sankey, Director Board Of Directors, Atos SE and top government officials like Mr. Shabbir Ali Qureshi – Minister of State for Housing and Works, Pakistan and Ms Dzuleira Abu Bakar – Group CEO at Technology Park Malaysia Corporation.

The Forum will also host the launch of OxValue.AI, a spin out social enterprise from the University offering a new way to determine the monetary value of a technology pre or post patent grant. OxValue.AI aims to facilitate the transfer of technology to developing countries as well as fund research within TMCD (Oxford). Professor Xiaolon Fu will introduce OxValue.AI while Professor Yu Xiong, Associate Dean International at Surrey University, presides over the launch and MoU signing.

As one of the fastest-growing digital business directory certifications and marketplaces, OBC coordinates global thought and business leaders with over twenty years of experience working with governments, business networks, tech ecosystems and universities, offering a business directory submission and digital blockchain AI certificate for both professionals and corporations. Joining forces with the TMCD centre of University of Oxford will create an unparalleled database of intelligence, knowledge and savoir faire regarding AI and its practical applications in financial scenarios such as funding, accounting and valuation.

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Date: 25/06/2021
Time: 11:00 am-1pm (GMT+1, London)

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