Big Data: A Look at the Security Concerns

Big Data: A Look at the Security Concerns
Big Data: A Look at the Security Concerns

Big data, without a doubt, is big business. It is indispensable in today’s organizations, which is also exactly the reason why it is a lucrative career to pursue. A lot of people are scrambling to learn the steps to become a data scientist because of the huge demand. Nonetheless, despite being massive and beneficial in businesses, it is plagued with security concerns, including those that are briefly mentioned in this post.

Security Concerns for Big Data

Below is a quick rundown of some of the security issues that are related to the use and implementation of big data within an organization:

  • Fake Data Generation: It is possible that cybercriminals will undermine data generation. They can penetrate the system to show fake information. In turn, this can affect the integrity and quality of data that will be processed.
  • Data Breaches: Customers are unwilling to share their personal data as they are scared that it will be accessed by cybercriminals. Last year, big data breaches have made headlines, which instilled public fear. The challenge is for the management to come up with an easy to understand explanation on how they aim to counter such breaches, which will provide people with peace of mind.
  • Privacy: Big data analysts need to be transparent when it comes to their methods of data generation and use. Organizations have the oracular responsibility to protect data to make sure that they remain private.
  • Encryption: To protect data, including information in transit and at rest, it is important to have the necessary encryption tools. The latter will be necessary for limiting user access, making sure that sensitive information does not land on the wrong hands.
  • Data Loss: Data disasters can disrupt the operations of an organization. This can also translate into significant financial repercussions. This requires the presence of a robust system to make sure that data will not be lost. To add, there should be architecture in place for data recovery.
  • Lack of Spending: While a lot of organizations understand the value of big data, spending is still low. It is critical for businesses to invest in systems that can provide the security that they need.

Be Prepared for the Worst

To address big data security concerns, one of the most important is for the organization to have a robust plan in case it is confronted with the worst situation. It is a crucial part of risk analysis and mitigation. This includes the need to invest in a backup system. This also necessitates the need to have a contact person to help remedy the situation. More so, it is critical to have a statement prepared to address the clients and provide them an assurance that the situation is being handled the best way possible.

Indeed, big data is invaluable to an organization. In the same way, given the security concerns, it can also be a risk. With this, it is important to have measures in place to have a robust framework in managing the security threats that are present.

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