Benefits Of Having Barkfield’s Electric Fireplace

Benefits Of Having Barkfield’s Electric Fireplace
Benefits Of Having Barkfield’s Electric Fireplace

Tired of wasting your valuable time and money on traditional wood fireplace? An electric fireplace might be your answer. Traditional wood fireplaces are hard to maintain and the effects on health from wood smokes are a big problem to modern living. But with technology advancing each year, many alternatives to traditional wood fireplace are emerging. Companies like Burkfield, which offers some efficient and safe electric fireplace, is one example. Electric fireplaces are slowly taking over the market for their myriad of benefits. We will give you 7 reasons and present you benefits of having an electric fireplace, in terms of utility and, of course, finance.


So let’s start with what happens to your wallet. From installation to maintenance and day to day running expenses, an electric fireplace outshines your traditional fireplace. The cost of simply purchasing an electric fireplace compared to building one into your house is generally enough reason for anyone to opt for an electric fireplace. The costs can be as low as 20 times less for getting an electric fireplace over a traditional one. Plus, the constant need for fuel and firewood raises maintenance costs.


There really isn’t much you have to do to install an electric fireplace. Most do not even require any assembly. All you need is an electric socket to plug in and you have successfully installed your electric fireplace all by yourself. Beats having to hire professionals and waiting weeks to get a traditional fireplace.


Basic Idea of being efficient, is that you get more from providing less. Traditional fireplaces, after weeks of preparing and installing, still require you to provide, fuel, gas and firewood to keep it lit. Not only that most of the heat (almost 90%) escapes through the chimney. Now that is inefficiency at its highest. They even use up much less in electricity costs, in addition to the fact that, Electric fireplaces heat the room much faster than normal space heaters, and are much safer too.


As there is no fire involved. You don’t really have to worry about children or pets getting injured. Electric fireplaces are cool to the touch, unlike other heaters. These CSA certified electric fireplaces are even less likely to burn or blow up compared to general heaters. Moreover, there are no harmful gases emitted from these fireplaces.

Zero Fumes:

Traditional fireplaces produce large quantities of fumes and harmful gas. For most part, they escape through the chimney. However, some still remain inside the house. Even in small quantities, they are quite detrimental to your health and all those around you. Harmful particles within them are toxic to your lungs and can cause major illnesses such as bronchitis, not to forget how these fumes also affect the environment.


The true beauty of electric fireplaces lies in their versatility. These can be placed anywhere in your house, apartment or room as you don’t even need a chimney to operate it. As long as you have access to an electrical socket, you are good to go. They also come in various shapes, sizes, heating capabilities and types. You can move them around the room, they can be hung from walls and you can even purchase electric fireplaces that double as media entertainment centres. You can adjust heat levels and aesthetics, such as the colour and intensity of flames. It can be used all year round to enjoy the nature indoors.


Even after initial costs, you will have to pool in more and more money into traditional fireplaces for maintaining operations. For instance, you will have to get firewood whenever you run out. Your chimney will also gather soot and ash from the smoke, thee it needs regular cleaning. Just seems like a lot of work for something so simple and inefficient doesn’t it? Lucky for you electric fireplaces have almost no maintenance requirements.

Simply the cost of a traditional fireplace to you, your home and to the environment screams a loud no! Electric fireplaces have simply been made to be able to replace the need of traditional ones, so it’s only natural that they are superior in nearly every aspect.