Be an Entrepreneur to Beat Tough Times

Be an Entrepreneur to Beat Tough Times
Be an Entrepreneur to Beat Tough Times

We can’t control the economy. Good times come and go no matter what anyone does. Companies will hire you when things are good and cut hours or lay people off when they’re not. But, do you have to deal with this endless boom-bust cycle?

Notice that it’s the employee that suffers the most when the economy turns down; business owners will tighten everyone else’s belts, before their own. It’s also scary for business owners when the money dries up, but they can use their practical know-how and experience to survive until the economy improves. An employee will just have to find another job.

If You Can’t Beat Them …

At least since the economic crisis of 2008, the trend has been for people to work in the gig economy. Instead of full-time employment, many people have opted to work as freelancers and consultants, and they are often rewarded with higher incomes, more control over their work environment and more freedom.

Even someone without any other marketable skill, like an advanced degree, specialized technological knowledge or an in-demand trade, can still dive into self-employment and escape the insecurity of being a little cog in the company machine.

What Are the Risks?

Ideally, you want to test the entrepreneurial waters while still gainfully employed. There are many ways a motivated person could start a new business while working at their regular job. By starting a new venture in your spare time, you keep a steady paycheck while learning the ropes. Also, if things don’t work out the first time, you still have a safety net that allows you to give it another shot or explore a different idea.

Ways You Can Become an Entrepreneur

One of the best ways to try starting a business is to find a service or product that’s in-demand and provide it. There are countless ways to serve the community and profit handsomely from it:

    • A home cleaning service can easily be fit around a work schedule. Start out on nights and weekends and when your service is popular enough you can start to hire cleaners to work for you.
    • Consider learning a new skill. Web development and creating interactive apps to bring websites alive can be a lucrative side business with lots of potential for growth. Freelance coding can allow you to work anywhere in the world.
    • How about a home bakery business? Start selling artisanal baked goods or even wedding cakes from your home kitchen — it could be the start of a catering business.
    • Selling products that people need through reputable companies could also be the ticket to entrepreneurial success.

You Need to Learn How

No one is born an entrepreneur, starting and running a business takes specialized knowledge. One place to learn what you need to know to be successful is through Amway Education. Amway is a respected name with a long history of offering the chance for anyone to run their own business. Their education program will show you how to make it in sales — the most valuable skill any entrepreneur could learn.

The curriculum is designed to teach new entrepreneurs critical skills like reading body language, communicating across cultures and listening actively. Most importantly, Amway Education will take you from not knowing anything about running a sales-based business to having the tools necessary to make it on your own.