Automotive Intelligence Behind the History of a Car

Automotive Intelligence Behind the History of a Car
Automotive Intelligence Behind the History of a Car

When shopping in the used car market, one of the most important steps is to have a vehicle history check carried out. It can be easy to examine a car and take it for a test drive, but it is impossible to know about the car’s past without a check. This is vital, because the car could be harbouring some kind of secret that comes back to haunt you down the line.

Benefits of Checks

These checks can help motorists to avoid used car scams and show whether or not the vehicle has been properly maintained. They can show if the car has outstanding finance, if it has been previously scrapped or written off, whether or not it is stolen, any number plate changes and much more. Motorists can also benefit from viewing the car’s MOT history – this will show if it has been properly maintained and if there are any recurring issues.

Clearly, this intelligence is hugely important and should be used as the first line of defence against used car scams. HPI finds that 1 in 3 cafes that they check has some kind of hidden secret, so it is something that all motorists should use when in the market for a used car. HPI uses impressive technology to provide a detailed overview of the car’s entire lifespan.


The check involves simply inputting the car’s registration number, but HPI’s cutting-edge technology then gets to work obtaining accurate and up to date information from a wide range of relevant industry bodies. This includes the police, insurance companies, finance companies, the National Mileage Register, the SMMT, the DVLA and similar organisations. The technology checks millions of records from these sources and uses a range of processes to keep data regularly updated. They have updated data on over 35 million live vehicles, which means that HPI represents more than 97% of the cars on the roads.

The second-hand car market can be a dangerous place to shop with scams, fraudulent sellers and unsafe automobiles on the market. A history check is a brilliant way to protect yourself whilst browsing for cars and the intelligence of car checks can allow motorists to shop safely and with confidence. The technology that is used provides a complete overview of the automobile’s past and will highlight any reasons why the car should not be purchased and could even help to solve a crime. If you are in the market for a used vehicle, the intelligence of car check should not be overlooked and will help you to find the perfect car.