At WBS In Dubai: Blockchain-Powered Property And Tourism Ecosystem Lynkey Discusses The Future Of NFTs And Metaverse

LynKey, the blockchain-powered smart luxury resorts, tourism, and property ecosystem, was present at the world’s biggest Blockchain event, World Blockchain Summit Dubai. The event (WBS) is a thought-driven initiative bringing blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystems to a common ground.

Lynkey Discuss The Future Of NFTs And Metaverse at WBS Dubai
LynKey Co-Founder Dinis Guarda and Security Advisor Jorge Sebastiao at WBS (Source: LynKey)

The World Blockchain Summit took place in Dubai on March 23rd and 24th 2022 with more than 3000 enterprises making their presence felt at a global level. LynKey, the all-in-one 4IR tourism and property ecosystem, was also present at the event.

With players in blockchain and cryptocurrency from all over the world, stakeholders varying from investors, exchanges, enterprises, and government representatives felicitated the event with their participation. LynKey was honoured and took pride in representing the summit on its second day.

Among the many happening events like inspirational keynotes, pitch competitions, etc., LynKey’s representatives Dinis Guarda (founder and CEO of ztudium Ltd., Co-Founder of LynKey and FreedomX) and Jorge Sebastiao (Co-Founder and Exec Director GBO, Blockchain/Security Advisor of LynKey) participated in the panel discussion for NFTs and the Future of the Metaverse.

“The Metaverse is the latest chapter added to our cultural history. NFTs, on the other hand, are the missing link, the key that opens the Metaverse door to explore the virtual realm, Web 3.0, that lies behind it. With advancements in technology and with greater innovation, we are gradually moving towards realising the full potentials that lie in this world and creating unprecedented solutions like smarter tourism and property tech for people around the world and from all financial backgrounds”, said Dinis Guarda.

LynKey is an innovative effort in collaboration with its esteemed partners like Crystal Holidays, a subsidiary of the Everland Group. It aims to create an all-in-one ecosystem that introduces 4IR (Fourth Industrial Revolution) in the tourism and property industry.

According to Jorge Sebastiao, “NFTs hold the power to unleash the potentials that lay at the bedrock of the decentralised ideologies. As far as their application goes, currently, we are looking at just the tip of the iceberg. We are yet to dive to the bottom of the ocean, simply to realise what a wonderful world lies there, especially with the pace we are budding up the Metaversive ecosystems. There is definitely something radical, transformative, and deeper going on. We need to keep up.”

With a focus on areas like blockchain, crypto, NFT, and Metaverse, and analysing of the dynamics of Web 3.0 ecosystems on commerce and cultures, the summit brimmed with unparalleled networking opportunities.

About LynKey

LynKey is a blockchain-powered 4IR all-in-one ecosystem that is tokenizing $8b+ of premium property and luxurious tourism experiences in Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, and other countries of the world.

LynKey focuses on democratising and digitising smart tourism, solving the challenges inherent in the conventional property markets and the tourism industry along the way. In addition, it offers service operators and property developers the ability to offer their products and services over the solid foundations of blockchain and NFTs.

By including the use of NFTs, the ecosystem promises to offer unique non-fungible tourism experiences, prepaid leases, timeshare and licenses, and a smart tourism marketplace.  LynKey has also been designed with DeFi protocols for its users, building an engaging and interactive community hand in hand with them, consequently building a mutually benefitting ecosystem for all.

LynKey is actively working with partners and industry leaders from around the world. Especially significant is Crystal Holiday, a travel agency subsidiary of the Everland Group.

About World Blockchain Summit

With a global series of elite gatherings taking place in more than 16 destinations, World Blockchain Summit is a level field for every blockchain and cryptocurrency stakeholder. Investors, projects, exchanges, enterprises, government representatives, and technology leaders congregate to deliberate on the future of the industry. WBS is a stage from which potential ideas emerge and revolutionary ways pave the way to realising the transformation of business and government functions.

Key events of the summit include pitch competitions, panel discussions, inspirational keynotes, project showcases, investor meet-ups, industry use-cases, and a host of formal and informal networking opportunities.