AI Advances in the Online Gambling Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a source of wild dreams and irrational fears since the idea was planted in people’s minds with fiction. Whether it’s books or films, since the 20th century, the fantasy of an intelligent machine able to make decisions has been controversial, but now AI is used in our daily lives and has dramatically evolved since Deep Blue, an IBM computer beat Kasparov at chess in 1997.

AI Advances in the Online Gambling Industry

Machine learning is now heavily used and powers many parts of the internet. It’s used for science, sure, but you can also find it in entertainment and especially at online gambling sites, like Casumo online casino.

What AI Really Does

It’s important to tear down some myths surrounding AI and its use on most websites. Most people imagine it as this vast matrix-like entity that’s conscious and will aim to take over humanity because of films such as Terminator.

However, what we call AI here, isn’t conscious like a human being or an animal. It can’t think outside the box determined by its creators. In reality, the program is given a task, and it just uses the tools provided to it to complete this task in the most efficient way possible. These tools include accumulating data on a specific subject and using the metrics to adapt the way it accomplishes its mission—nothing more, nothing less.

How Online Casinos Use AI

At online casinos, AI mainly serves to improve user experience. It can be used to suggest games based on what you enjoy playing or offer you custom rewards. For instance, if you play many Megaways slots, the site will offer you more Megaways to play or invite you to discover other games with a similar theme to the one you play the most.

However, it’s also beneficial for operators on the backend of the site since it’ll provide insights into players’ habits. How many hours are spent playing, which games are the most played, and what’s the average wager on a specific type of game? All of this data helps the casino understand its players and how they engage with the services provided.

Another use of AI is customer support. When you open a live chat, the first answers you’ll get will most likely come from a bot who learned the most commonly asked questions and the official answer of the casino based on the FAQ or terms and conditions of the site. Of course, the technology is not currently able to solve the problem by taking action, and you’ll quickly get an answer from a live agent to make sure the issue is solved. The use of AI, in this case, helps cut the waiting time of often cluttered customer services and eliminates queries that can be solved without the need for human action.

In the near future, AI is believed to be a viable solution to assist players who suffer from addiction, but this is still theoretical, and the subject is still controversial and poses ethical problems.

What Slows Down AI’s Evolution

As with all new technologies, AI is limited by several factors, the main one being money. Companies, such as online casinos, must be willing to invest in it, and we’re talking millions here. However, the casino can’t be sure to get a profit from it in the long term, and most of the advances we see in the iGaming industry are implemented after proving successful in other industries.

Moreover, if an online casino wants to develop the AI it uses, it needs to build it from scratch. This implies hiring AI experts and programmers and sometimes remodeling the site completely, which is simply not worth the time and effort.

Still, tech companies like Tesla always coming up with new ways to apply AI to all aspects of our lives. It’s likely that once these solutions are public and prove their efficiency, online casinos will implement them to stay competitive and save money.