9 Benefits of Gaining a Doctorate in Business Administration Degree Today

“Should future business owners attain a business administration degree?” Statistics indicate that getting this degree can improve your chances of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Experts estimate that some 84% of startups founded by MBA graduates flourish longer than traditional enterprises. That’s why many students get lucrative employment opportunities after completing business administration degrees since these graduates remain frantically sought-after by modern-day employers.

9 Benefits of Gaining a Doctorate in Business Administration Degree Today

Why should you pursue a DBA in 2022?

Unfortunately, a master’s degree in this field can’t help graduates kickstart their careers properly in the industry. Data tells that more than 90% of Indian MBA graduates now aren’t even employable after graduating. Getting a DBA promises survival in this constantly-changing industry. However, it would help if you didn’t confuse it with earning a Ph.D. in business administration. A DBA is an extremely research-oriented qualification that focuses on applying business theories to some real-world industry problems. That’s why MBA grads should pursue a doctorate as well to boost their eligibility:

  1. Pursue online degrees

Distance learning opportunities entice more students to improve their credentials and become more employable today. These online degrees are flexible, affordable, and convenient for today’s MBA graduates. You can easily pursue an online DBA degree to graduate in merely three years! Also, a DBA earned digitally still enables you to build meaningful connections for the future. We suggest that a student holding a master’s degree pursue an online doctorate in business administration.

  1. Explore your interests

A DBA means a higher chance of exploring your business interests since this degree allows students to delve into business theories put into practice. Moreover, employees pursuing a doctorate should focus on the niche areas that benefit their company’s demands. Also, a DBA helps you pursue other passions such as business ethics, not-for-profit management, and corporate social responsibility. So, there are several research areas you can explore based on your interests while getting a DBA.

  1. Earn more money

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that employees often pursue higher degrees to increase the pay scale and obtain promotions within organizations. A doctorate in business administration makes you more valuable to your company, allowing you to become well-paid easily. More MBA graduates pursue a DBA for the higher salary prospects it promises. Coupled with the essential industry expertise, employees can become financially prosperous after obtaining a doctorate.

  1. Become more employable

We’ve explained how MBA graduates may have become unemployable after COVID and require new credentials to survive the pandemic. Getting a doctorate makes you more employable today; it gives you an advantage over other candidates with just a master’s degree in business administration. Your credentials, including a DBA, provide you the distinction to stand out from the crowd while offsetting the supply of individuals with lower degrees. Getting a DBA is a must-have for graduates today.

  1. Earn new skills

Since a DBA’s a research-oriented qualification, students can hone their “soft skills” by attaining this degree.

Studies indicate that 92% of hiring experts consider “soft skills” as important as “technical skills.” Pursuing this qualification helps improve your critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities. Also, you become better at report-writing, communicating, and collaborating. Moreover, earning a DBA is beneficial to your confidence. Its morale-building effects make you a perfect candidate for jobs!

  1. Pursue financial autonomy

Business owners seldom succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors without some formal education backing these efforts. We suggest students pursue a DBA to become financially autonomous. So, this degree boosts your business dreams and makes you well-equipped with the know-how required for establishing an enterprise. Earning a doctorate in business administration breeds innovation, thereby allowing DBA degree-holders to become well-versed with the demands of the business industry.

  1. Always remain updated

The business industry’s changing rapidly, and constant education can help graduates stay updated on these transformations. MBA degree-holders often pursue a doctorate to remain relevant in the business industry. Marvels such as AI, big data, and blockchain have changed how we conduct business today. That’s why MBA graduates shouldn’t neglect the importance of getting a DBA to maintain their employability. Refine your MBA experience by getting a DBA in the future.

  1. Develop leadership skills

Modern-day business owners are looking for business administration degree-holders with leadership capabilities unmatched by other candidates. Earning a doctorate in this subject doesn’t just give you valuable insights into the business industry’s working but also transforms you into a leader present-day workplaces require. These abilities enable you to collaborate effectively with your colleagues for business success no matter which career you’re pursuing after finishing your DBA digitally today.

  1. Move around globally

Doctorate programs permit students to explore not just their passions but also the world. Many DBA degree-holders move around while researching the intricacies of business administration. While you investigate recent trends in the business industry, a DBA lets you become more familiar with what’s happening in this industry globally as well. Students often live with different institutes during these educational adventures. It’s a decent excuse to travel the world while honing academic qualities.


Doubtlessly, MBA constitutes the most popular degree among students in the United States. However, a decline in offers has been observed after the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic. Statistics indicate a 34% decline in jobs asking for an MBA in 2019-2020! So, what’s the solution here? Getting a doctorate in business administration can help MBA graduates enhance their employability. You pick up new skills, explore your interests, and gain practical insights into the business industry. A DBA will help you bolster your employability with your newfound leadership capabilities. Also, this degree allows MBA graduates to stay updated about recent trends in business administration properly today.