7 Smart Home Technologies to Ensure Your Safety

7 Smart Home Technologies to Ensure Your Safety

It would be no surprise that home security systems are now on the cutting edge of technology. With modern high-tech measures appearing on the market every day, the security industry is fast to adapt the technology. The result is some sophisticated security systems that can be easily incorporated into everyday devices such as smartphones.

Between safety and protecting your items at home, probably you have already considered installing a home security system. If you have your answer as yes, Below is a list of smart home technologies to ensure your safety.

iSmartAlarm Home Security System

Just because you want your home to be safe does not mean that you have to spend all you have on an alarm company. iSmartAlarm is a self-control security system that allows you to be in charge of the security in your home. With the application, you can arm and disarm the system, monitor in real time, receive any alerts, push notifications if there is any entry that is unauthorized and more. The good thing about it is that it is easy to understand and make use of it. (Price $199)

If you need a home security system that requires some minimal effort to set up yet it gives you the peace of mind you need; then the canary app might be what you are looking for. For you to set it up, all you have to do is to plug it in and then connect to the internet. This means that you won’t have to install hardware, software or equipment and there are no tools needed. Once you have managed to install it, you can start monitoring your home watching real time streaming video that is complete with audio. The app is intelligent in that it learns your routine and provides you with a notification if anything out of the ordinary happens. (Price $199)

Canary Home technology


This is a simple and effective way to monitor remotely what is going on in your home. This app also supports the Apple watch. Alarm.com will enable you to monitor what is happening at home or in your business through video monitoring and other interactive security tools. You can use it to arm or disarm your security panel, view live video and watch out what is happening at your premises. Alarm.com can also be used as a thermostat, it can unlock and lock doors, turn off lights that were left on, and plenty more.

Piper is a security system that provides video monitoring and home automation while you are away. It gives you a Panasonic view of your home that you can see while you are not within your premises all thanks to its mobile app. It is a convenient solution for a smaller apartment or home though it can also be adapted to larger homes. It has a microphone, monitoring detector and siren to help in detecting and protecting your home from any intrusion. If it notices any intrusion while you are away, it activates its siren and immediately sends you some video footage wherever you are.

Image source: Piper

Cacoon is a smart home security device that combines motion detection, HD camera and sound technology to sense any activity throughout your home. It is able to detect intruders through in rooms and closed doors. There is no need to set it every time you go and come into the house; cacoon learns what is normal for your house to avoid any false alarm. It also has an angle HD camera, temperature and motion detectors and night vision. The app allows you to call the authorities or a neighbor. (Price: 299 Euros)


Novi is a two piece security system that includes the Hub and the Guard. The Hub is basically the systems brain. It sends communications to your home WI-FI and Guard. The Guard is an all in one device that monitors for smoke and motion. It includes an integrated camera and it is also battery- powered. If Novi detects smoke and motion, it will use the camera to take three pictures, turn on the alarm and send the pictures to your connected smartphone. (Price: $299)


This app makes it possible to use the web camera on your computer to see what is happening within your home at all times. It features a motion camera that launches it as soon as it detects any movement. You will then receive the photos or video. iSentry comes equipped with all kinds of features and tools to give you a complete control of the app.

Bottom Line

There you have it; protecting your home has never been this easy. Of course before you go ahead and buy a home security system you must go through several forums, blogs and tech review sites so that you can make the best home security systems comparison. But these are the 7 most highly recommended ones. Now you can feel secure and safe knowing that your home is being monitored any time you are not there.