7 Free Meeting Agenda Templates

7 Free Meeting Agenda Templates
7 Free Meeting Agenda Templates

A meeting agenda can take your unorganized, chaotic meetings to the next level; creating productive and focused meetings that will leave everyone feeling satisfied and motivated once the meeting has ended. The purpose of a meeting is to achieve a goal or solve a problem, so ensuring that everyone remains on track is essential. Luckily, there are many templates out there to help you craft the perfect blueprint for your next meeting. Here are seven free meeting agenda templates.

1. Conference Agenda

Microsoft office has literally thousands of templates for all manner of professional and casual documents. Everything from to-do lists to resumes to agenda templates are available on office.com, the official website of the product.

This particular agenda template is sleek, well-designed, and simple. With some blue highlights and a simple font, the template will make for a professional yet casual agenda that doesn’t seem too serious.

If you’ve already got a Microsoft account, you can edit this free template directly in your browser, so you won’t need to download Mircosoft Word or some other word processor to do so.

2. Classic Meeting Agenda

If you’re looking for something a little simpler and more laid back, then Office’s Classic Meeting Agenda is likely the right choice for you. This is also provided on Office.com by Microsoft and is editable within the browser with your Mircosoft account. Moreover, you can use this one on one meeting agenda to create an open and meaningful conversation with your employees.

From there, you can download and email or print the agenda quickly and easily. The great thing about word documents is they’re pretty much the standard, so most open source word processors or even Google Docs can edit them.

3. Business Meeting Agenda

If you’re hosting a business meeting, you’ll want an agenda that’s a little more…well, business-oriented. That’s where the Business Meeting Agenda comes in. This template includes the date, time, and discussion points, with simple fonts organized in a professional style.

When it comes to a business meeting, you don’t want to settle for any template. You’ll want to impress your attendees with a sleek, professional template that is also functional. The design team at Microsoft understands this, which is why their templates are so widely used.

Without a good template, your business meetings can easily derail and descend into chaos, becoming more like break-room discussions than productive meetings.

That’s what makes a good agenda so essential to hosting good meetings! Keeping you and your team on track allows you to maximize everyone’s time and get through the talking points quickly.

4. Blue Curve Meeting Agenda

If you want to add a little more aesthetic value to your meeting agenda, try this great Blue Curve meeting agenda template. The design is certainly eye-catching, with an impressive blue curvature at the top of the page that is reminiscent of ocean waves.

The location, date, time, and agenda items are all included in the template, so you’ll simply go into the word template and edit each of these items to fit your needs. While the template is downloadable, like all Mircosoft templates, it can be edited within your browser by signing into your Microsoft account.

5. Team Meeting Agenda

This stylish team meeting agenda template from tidyform.com is also a word formatted template, though is a little less flashy than the templates at Microsoft.com. Focused on simplicity and usability rather than style, this agenda template will do exactly what you need it to.

Unfortunately, this design must be downloaded in order to edit it, as it is not provided on Mircosoft.com. You’ll need to head over to tidyform.com in order to download it.

Luckily, Tidyform has plenty of other templates available as well, so while you’re visiting the site you can take a look at other business, home, or casual templates that you can download and edit.

6. Safety Meeting Agenda

Having niche-specific templates can help you plan for even the most specific of meeting topics, like safety meetings. A safety meeting will likely have much different talking points than a finance meeting, and may even be structured in a completely different way.

Having a template to match these needs ensures you’re getting the best experience from your template and it can be reused again and again. Tidyform supplies this great Safety Meeting Agenda Template in .PDF format, downloadable directly from the site.

Moreover, the security features of PDFs add an extra layer of protection to sensitive information. Safety meetings often involve discussions about procedures, protocols, and potentially confidential information. PDFs can also consolidate multiple safety-related documents into a single cohesive file with an online PDF merging tool.

7. Calculate Times Meeting Agenda

Vertex42 provides web users with a much more detailed agenda template, with calculated times included for each talking point, so you can better manage each minute of the meeting. After all, no one wants to spend over an hour in a meeting, right?

This stylish meeting agenda template is free to download in either .excel spreadsheet format, or in a google sheets format. The template includes all of the usual slots, including the time of the meeting, location, and facilitator’s name(s).

Vertex 42 has plenty of other templates as well; everything from business templates to budget and invoice templates and much more. Most of the templates are in Word or Google Sheets format, so they should be relatively universal in terms of accessibility and editing.


A good agenda template should be relatively simple, stylish, and to the point. Too much style and the agenda doesn’t serve its true purpose and can actually become distracting. Not enough style and the template may look unprofessional or rushed. Pick a template that’s a happy medium of both style and function, and your meetings will improve tenfold.

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