7 Essential Tools To Help You Compile The Ultimate DIY Toolkit

7 Essential Tools To Help You Compile The Ultimate DIY Toolkit

Are you someone who likes to take on tasks around the house, rather than pay for the services of a professional? If so, you’re not alone. It is thought that 15% of people take on all DIY projects themselves, while the number of homeowners choosing to make improvements rather than move house increased five-fold between 2013 and 2018.

The benefits of DIY are obvious – not only do you save money on potentially expensive call-out and repair fees, but the sense of satisfaction at getting the job done via your own fair hands is almost impossible to place a value on.

Of course, if you’re going to be taking on more of these jobs around the house, you’ll need to put together a collection of tools to help you tackle each task. Here are seven essential items for any DIY enthusiast:

Claw hammer

This should be able to cover almost all of your hammering needs, from knocking together a stud wall to removing any unwanted nails from pieces of timber with the claw.


Whether you’re looking to put up shelves, attach skirting boards or fit a new door frame, having a sharp handsaw will mean you can re-size any wood accordingly. It’s always best to set up on a stable surface, such as a work bench, and remember to saw away from your body.


For unscrewing light fittings, cupboard doors or even a loose toilet seat, you’ll need a hand screwdriver from RS Components. Available as either flat head or Phillips head, make sure you pick up the right tool to match the screws you’re working with.

Tape measure

Without one of these, it will be impossible to take accurate measurements and costly mistakes are certain to be made. Whether you’re calculating the centre point of a wall, re-sizing timber for a stud wall or installing some shelving, a tape measure is an absolute must.


Need to fix that dripping tap? Got a leak under your sink? Or perhaps you’re working with nuts and bolts? Whatever the reason, a spanner – perhaps an adjustable one for greater versatility – is a fundamental piece of equipment.


The fixing up of shelves, doors or a wall-mounted television bracket will need you to create holes, which can only be done with a drill. Different drill bits are required for whether you’re drilling into wood or stone, so make sure you have the appropriate piece of kit handy.

Spirit level

If you’re knocking up some shelves or putting up a small garden wall, you’ll need to ensure your work is parallel to the ground, which makes a spirit level a must-have in your DIY toolkit.