5 Things To Take To Your Next PTFA Meeting

5 Things To Take To Your Next PTFA Meeting

Whether you’re a parent in the PTFA (Parent, Teachers and Friends Association) or you’re a member of staff that attends the meetings, it’s always important to be constantly thinking of ideas to present to the table. After all, giving the children the best education possible is what everyone is aiming for, but sometimes it might be hard to come up with ideas to discuss aside from the regular discussions about how you can combat bullying. Luckily, we’ve come up with a few ideas that will cause your next PTFA meeting to be full of conversation and hopefully, some changes can be made that will benefit the children’s learning. Check it out:

Healthier school dinners

One thing that the world is struggling with at the moment is obesity, and children are at risk more than ever of falling into an unhealthy lifestyle. While school dinners have certainly adapted from say, 20 years ago, there are still some aspects which could cause the children to gain weight or to form an unhealthy obsession with food. Jamie Oliver has been on a mission for many years now to ensure that children are eating healthier than ever, so it might be a good idea to follow in his footsteps and make some changes to the menu of your school dinners. The problem here is that some children are fussy eaters and might refuse to eat, but if you use some imagination and make the food look ‘fun’, children are usually more than willing to give new foods a go. A healthier food option will feed their brains with important nutrients; meaning that they’re able to concentrate better in class!

Keeping track of inventory

One problem that pretty much all schools face is the disappearance of inventory. While a pen here and there is bound to become lost, many schools face massive budget problems because they are having to replace lost or stolen inventory. A great solution to this is by using QR codes to track school inventory. The program works by scanning the QR code and putting all of the inventory onto a system so that it’s easier to keep track of. Not only that, GPS will be able to track the location of missing inventory too, so you’re more likely to spend less on replacing lost or stolen items, and have more money in the budget for other important things for the children’s education.

New ideas for P.E lessons

Physical education is a lesson that’s loved by many, and loathed by many. However, sometimes the reason that children aren’t as enthusiastic about doing their P.E lessons is because they’re not doing something that they enjoy. While you’ll never be able to please every child, why not introduce new ideas for P.E lessons so that they can look forward to some different activities that will keep them fit and learn valuable motor skills. Involve props and sporting equipment so that they can take as much from their P.E lessons as possible.

Children organised fund raisers

Every school hosts a fundraiser at some point or another, and this is usually to help build or create something that’s going to help the school provide more for the children. So, why not host a child organised fundraiser regularly so that the children are able to help organise the event and also keep parents and children as social as possible. You could take turns with classes organising each fundraiser, and put the money raised into a pot that can be used to build something new each year. Allow the parents and children to vote on what should be built too, so that the school can evolve around the needs and wants of its consumers.

Adaptations for children with extra needs

Finally, while many public schools are doing their best to provide for children with extra needs, there is always room to make even more adaptations for those that need a little extra help. Conditions such as autism and ADHD require a more one-on-one approach, so employing extra help in the classrooms could really make a difference to how that child is learning. Your school could also provide extra lessons for those lacking in particular subjects so that the children are able to catch up with their classmates and succeed much easier in exams.

Consider these ideas for your next PTFA meeting and you’re sure to be talking for hours about some new and exciting changes that could be made to your school!

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