4 Search Engine Tools for Social Media Navigation

5 Search Engine Tools for Social Media Navigation

We spend a lot of time on the internet, specially on social media channels, and we use search engines to search for content we need. Although social media platforms like Facebook and twitter offer search engines highly capable, to many users they might not make navigating through these mediums easy and may even frustrate users from time to time by providing inaccurate results. There are some social network search engine tools that are specifically designed to avoid these kind of inaccurate results. In this article, I will reveal five such tools that you can use to broaden your search and to avoid the unnecessary results. Once you will be familiar with these search engine tools, you may never think of using the general search engines to get the answers to your questions.

1. Mulpix

Mulpix is very popular among the advanced users for Instagram search. With Mulpix, you are allowed to mention as many tags as you required to search your desired content. And this search engine will automatically filter the results and will offer you only the relevant search results. This is popular on Instagram. People use this search engine to locate and find a distant friend. They will only enter the name and multiple tags; it will start showing the effective results. It is a useful way to collect any personal and professional information and to follow your celebrities.

Screenshot of Mulpix

2. Snitch Name

The snitch.name, referred as the social white pages, is also a powerful social network search engine. It gives you the option to search the queries on the main page. That makes the process easy. You can click any of those options to get the result. Moreover, the sites are also broken different into categories such as social networking sites, professional, general, academic, blogs, government, public, regional, and much more. Once you enter the content for search and click it, you will get a lengthy list and all the results will be separated by the social network.

Screenshot of Snitch.name

3. Serph

Serph has been in this industry for the several years. It searches social news; blogs search engines and bookmarking websites such as Youtube, Sphere, Digg, Yahoo answers, Bloglines, and much more. Though serph is considered a bit slow in comparison to other advanced tools, but it can serve the purpose. It is useful to cross check your queries with other available services. And you can subscribe to those results via RSS.

Screenshot of serph

4. Google Social Search

When it comes to talking about search, its quite hard to keep google out of the list. To use google for social search, sign in to your google account and search for a term just like normal. On the top right corner there should be a settings icon, click and go to advanced settings. Fill out the boxes and it should give you more precise information regarding to what you’re looking for.

Social search engine tools are a concept that can help you to improve search and to make the entire process less time consuming. All the internet users are not familiar with this concept and they still use the old search engine to clarify their doubts. It might take a couple of years to be aware of the social search engines. Anyone can be benefited by this process.