5 Reasons That Everyone Needs a Moneypenny

5 Reasons That Everyone Needs a Moneypenny
5 Reasons That Everyone Needs a Moneypenny

If you think about famous PAs to senior executives then one of the first to spring to mind is Miss Moneypenny from the iconic Bond movies. As Secretary to the Head of the Secret Service (MI6), her efficiency, professionalism and work ethic are key elements that most senior executives are looking for in a PA. Attic Recruitment examines why Moneypenny makes the perfect PA.

Organisational skills

Being responsible for the movements, whereabouts and diary of the Head of MI6 is no mean feat and being Moneypenny, who arranges meetings with the world’s most regarded secret agents, takes some serious organisational skills. It can be hard enough getting managers and directors of a corporate business in the same place at the same time but much of the time Moneypenny has to work with an undercover and ever moving target!


Without efficiency, a PA will struggle to keep everything working together. Sometimes people forget that the key cog in the wheel is the PA who is responsible for making sure that everything and everyone is in sync. From organising diaries and meetings to making sure that important documents make it to their destination, being able to operate quickly and efficiently while still being efficient is critical.

Working Under Pressure

Perhaps there is no greater pressure than this role which requires a calm head and an ability to work under extreme pressure. While, in most corporate roles, the fate of the world is not at stake, there will be times when PAs are required to be calm under pressure and work to a tight deadline or at least support those around them.

Commitment To The Role

Moneypenny portrays the sort of role when an absolute commitment is critical. Now in this day and age when people are striving to find a job that offers a work/life balance, you may not find someone that is happy to drop everything in the middle of the night to cope with a disaster. What you can expect is a level of commitment from your PA. You need someone that, on occasions, will be happy to follow you to another location for a meeting or to work late to finalise the detail of a project. You also need to be realistic about the demands you make of them though.


Cleared for top secret, ‘for your eyes only’ information, Miss Moneypenny is the epitome of professionalism. Despite the continued attempts of Bond to corrupt her she remains always the consummate professional. With a strict code of confidentiality and the absolute trust of everyone around, the PA is a confidante for many and is privy to a lot of sensitive information. From everyone’s salaries to their home address and DOB, they need to be reliable, trustworthy and have very strict ethics when it comes to the treatment of this information.

Now we appreciate that Moneypenny is a fictional character from a movie but that is no reason why she shouldn’t be an excellent role model to the corporate PA and someone that everyone needs in their business!