4 Top Tips For Giving Your Home Office A Spring Clean

Although working from home sounds like a dream to anyone still stuck in nine-to-five office hell, it comes with its fair share of challenges – the biggest of which is staying motivated and productive.

With the TV always nearby, your cosy and comfy bed calling out to you for afternoon naps and your insanely loud family running riot around you, there are far too many distractions.

Which is why you need to make sure your home office (whether that’s a desk crammed into the corner of your spare bedroom or an entire room you’ve managed to grab for yourself) is a haven of calm, inspiring and organised bliss. Getting in touch with someone like this Houston house cleaning service may even be necessary to ensure that this is done right and the clean is high-quality. And if you’re in St. Louise and looking for professional cleaners, you can hire Dash Maids that will give you satisfaction results.

And with winter finally over, now’s the perfect time to get it in fighting shape with a thorough spring clean.

Here are a few top tips to help you on your way.

#1: get rid of all the junk – Office Spring Cleaning

We know it’s not fun but you need to sort through that desk drawer – you know the one full of a years’ worth of old pens, dusty post-it notes and all the other junk you never got around to throwing away. If you haven’t done this in a while (or ever), the rubbish will slowly start to add up, and between everyone in the office doing the same thing the piles might seem pretty daunting. If this is the case you might need to hire a rubbish removal company that can come and take care of the hard work for you; another advantage of this is that more likely than not they will also be able to recycle where appropriate.

Just make sure you shred all paperwork, even if it looks unimportant, in case it contains sensitive information and data relating to you, your customers or your business.

#2: revamp your desk – Office Spring Cleaning

Your desk is the centrepiece of your office so it not only needs to be tidy, but also an attractive place where you’ll want to spend time. If you can’t afford a replacement, give yourself a fresh start by revamping your current desk.

Get crafty, source some reclaimed vintage wood (Gumtree is always worth a try) and a quality spray adhesive, and you can quickly create a stylish countertop that’ll look as good as new.

#3: organise your virtual desktop – Office Spring Cleaning

Don’t forget about tidying your computer desktop as well. Loads of messy, distracting files clogging up your screen aren’t going to get you in the right frame of mind for working.

Old files should be moved onto a USB stick and deleted from your desktop, whilst other random documents can all be collected in one folder, to free up some space.

#4: sort out all those pesky cables – Office Spring Cleaning

Sick of your phone getting tangled up in all the hundreds of cables running around the back of your computer?

Buy some cable clips and organisers to get all those messy wires in order. They’re super cheap and an effective way to instantly declutter your desk.

#5: have an ergonomic makeover – Office Spring Cleaning

As well as thinking about the appearance of your workstation, consider how it functions by undergoing an ergonomic makeover – it’ll encourage good posture and even reduce headaches caused by your computer screen.

You may need to buy a new chair, but it’s an investment into your comfort and physical wellbeing that’s well worth it.