20 Personal Development Daily Mindfulness Rituals

20 Personal Development Daily Mindfulness Rituals
20 Personal Development Daily Mindfulness Rituals

Having daily rituals is a good way to have life balance, develop better focus and making life a powerful statement of success and harmony. Manifesting Ritual can also be of great help if you want something to motivate you constantly to work for your goals. It is very important to maintain a personal development strategy that helps you improve and gets better, so one moves on through life, as if we were a wine getting older and better!

The following 20 rituals, assemble a group of exercises that bear in mind all the hierarchies of needs of what one needs to balance between mind, body, spirit, pleasure, dreams and our wish lists.

1. Starting the day with a remembrance about what is really important, having a list of top 5 things more important, and at the same time starting with a special simple thanks giving ritual and a daily quiet and ideally sitting breathing meditation.

2. Writing every day some notes and ideas, wishes, birthday cards or messages. If you like writing, make sure that at least you write around 1000 (later on 3000 plus) a words a day. For example, you can rewrite an old text about your main goals and wishes. If your creative expression is with another area, dedicate sometime to it as well. The basic idea is to help you improve focus and direction while improving results, checking failures and particularly looking at dreams and big picture life goals.

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3. Repeat various time a day a simple mindful breathing technique,  and do some stretching every two hours.

4. Focus on simple mindfulness activities throughout the everyday moments, such as highlighting life’s most important things and people and special activities that makes one smile or be well with oneself. Realise the good people in your life and all the beautiful good memory moments of it!

5. Seek to understand and express gratitude and compassion in every situation, let it go of heavy resentment or hate, and remember that it is just one more moment in a day of our life’s journey. Even in the most stressful and anxious moments remember that  you will not feel like this all the time, remembering how life is a long journey.

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6. Making an effort to have morning strong routines and discipline, such as waking up always at the same time and ideally early (from 7:30 to 6:30) and always go to bed at the same time and having reasonable sleeping hours according to your biological clock.

7. Be very careful with food and nutrition and adapt best food and routines to your body’s best features and allergies. Choose the best products while resisting sweets and temptation foods;

8. Make sure there are lots of quality liquids during the day. Make sure you drink 8-10 cups of water daily. Also smoothies and natural juices.

9. Eventually, and if you feel drawn to it swiftly start shifting towards an healthier food routine, eventually becoming a vegetarian or vegan.

10. Create small but meaningful morning rituals such as simple tea meditation.

11. It is very important to make `an effort to reduce/control smartphone and social media usage, particularly when going to bed, in meals and in front of children and family.

12. Write notes and thoughts, collect quotes and make sure to do something similar to keeping some kind of a journal with goals and a list of people to remember, grandparents, old friends and people that make you feel special or that were and are very important for you. Tell them how much you care.

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13. Create various strategies and rituals of daily gratitude: in the morning, lunch, diner and before sleeping.

14. Create daily physical routine exercise, for example 10 minutes a days of push ups and stretches and some minutes walking or running.

15. Making financial regular check ups, making sure you have an helicopter view of your finances and money in and out. Make a strong commitment to control spending and to learn how to manage money. Make a plan to have savings for at least one year and a plan towards your retirement and insurance.

16. Being present 100% for moments with family, friends and your children, by having weekly rituals and special moments on a regular way.

17. Making reading and learning a critical element of your routine and a way to learn about new subjects, and a way to  break from stress and digital life. Reading books and/or professional or scientific magazines is a particularly good  strategy to improve your life style and personal development, so try to read two books a month.

18. Establish a structured digital, social media and email routine that is manageable and divided in moments and timelines.

19. Develop an awareness of your body posture and habits, particularly the sitting + standing posture. Make breaks to engage in some minutes of breathing and exercising the eyes, shoulders and back.

20. Make a big effort to leave judgement out of life and to see people as part of yourself and in a respectful way. A very important strategy is the following:  if one has nothing good to say about another person be quiet and move to another subject using your energy in what is important such as your goals and visions for your life.

Image source Dinis Guarda