10 Biggest Slot Machine Jackpots In History

10 Biggest Slot Machine Jackpots In History

Slots were always one of the most popular gambling games out there. That’s because it’s simple enough to play and learn and there’s also a chance you’ll get a large jackpot at some point. Most slot machines don’t have jackpots this high but they are also much less volatile.

Our list is about the biggest jackpots ever but not all of them are made by professional gamblers. This is just one more proof that everyone can find their way to the top when it comes to slot machine winnings, but it takes learning and skill to do so.

$11.6 Million on a Mobile Slot App

This is one of the biggest slot machines wins ever and the biggest one ever that was made on a mobile device. It was highly publicized because it showcased how much the game is moving towards mobile devices and how it’s becoming the most important part of the industry.

The winner was a woman known as D.P. She used the Zodiac Casino app on an Android phone and won at a Mega Moolah slot game.

$12.8 Million in Vegas

Freemont Downtown in Vegas is home to many casinos and it has paid quite a lot in jackpots over the years. One of the biggest, however, happened in 2017 when the casino paid up a 12.8 million jackpot to a player known only as Rudolfo T. The jackpot came from a Megabucks slot.

A fun fact about this game was that Rudolfo started with the biggest possible bet of $3 and made his way to the jackpot of 12 million. It shows why slots are so popular amongst players of all sizes.

$12.8 Million at Aria Resort in Vegas

This is another one of those stories that keep bringing players to Vegas slots. A player that won this jackpot came to Vegas to celebrate her niece’s birthday. She didn’t plan to bet at all and gave herself a small budget to play with.

She placed a bet of $6 and won one of the biggest jackpots in history of almost $13 million. Aria Resort never had a jackpot that big and the player said she wanted to take a short break from the party and that she only placed this one bet.

$18.2 Million on a Mega Moolah Game

Mega Moolah is an Android slot game but also one that exists in a form of an actual slot game you can play in a casino. It’s a slot game with a progressive jackpot and that’s why so many players like to play it by hoping for a big win with a small initial bet.

In this case, that’s exactly what happened. A player, who was a British soldier taking some time off, bet a quarter to win the full jackpot of just a bit over $18 million.

20 Million in The Caesar’s Palace

Caesar’s Palace is one of the most popular casinos in Vegas and it has paid out quite a lot of the jackpots over the years. This one, however, was a big one and in 1999 a player placed a small bet on the Megabucks slot game.

The bet was just $10 and the full jackpot was $20 million. The name of the player has never been publicized and chances are that it’s no one famous in the world of gambling.

21 Million won by a WW2 Veteran

Most people play slots their whole life and don’t win a big jackpot. In this case, the winner was a WW2 veteran, and this was their second big jackpot. At an age of 80, the veteran played a small bet and won just a bit over 4 million.

Twelve years later he came back to the same casino, played again, and won the astonishing $21 million. A big chunk of the winnings was donated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

$24 Million to an Online Casino in Finland

A Swedish player played a slot game in a Finish casino. The game was called Mega Fortune and it’s a well-chosen name for such a game. He wagered a rather small amount of 25 cents and won one of the biggest jackpots in the history of the game.

It was one of the biggest jackpots when it comes to online games in particular and it played a big role in making them more popular in Scandinavia.

$ 27.5 Million Jackpot in Las Vegas

It’s another huge jackpot coming from Megabucks slot provider. It happened in Palace Station, one of the most popular casinos in Vegas. The jackpot was won in 1998 and the player was a retired flight attendant.

It was a private person and little is known about what happened to her afterward.

$34.9 Million for A Cocktail Waitress from Vegas

This jackpot was won in 2000 and it was one of those stories that seem too good to be true. It was won by a cocktail waitress from Vegas that came to a casino after a shift and placed a small bet to pass the time as she relaxed.

It ended up being one of the biggest wins in the history of the game. Tragically she was injured in the car accident just a few weeks later and now she donates a big portion of her win to helping persons with disability.

$39.7 million at Excalibur

This is probably the biggest slot win in the history of the game. It happened in Vegas and it was a Megabucks slot.  The jackpot was won by a young software engineer in 2003 and it came after a relatively small bet of $100. It was the biggest sum the casino has ever paid and they weren’t able to pay it once.

Instead, the winner agreed to get their payments in 25 yearly installments which is keeping them covered to this very day. Little else is known about the winner but the news plays a big role in making Megabucks a popular developer.