Effective Leadership: How to meet expectation as a Leader?


How good are you in leading others? Do you meet their expectations? What makes you confident that you are an effective leader? What criteria you use evaluating your leadership performance?

There are many resources for Effective Leadership. I would like to focus on couple of them that grabbed my attention recently.

John Ryan, president of the Centre for Creative Leadership, a global provider of leadership education and research, suggest three main elements of Effective Leadership:

  1. Vision
  2. Communication
  3. Judgement

Vision, long-term strategic view, starts from a dream: Henry Ford dreamed of a car families could afford, Steve Jobs dreamed of an easy-to-use computer that would unleash creativity, Nelson Mandela dreamed on an integrated, prosperous South Africa.

Vision is fed by Passion and feed Inspiration and Excitement in your followers. Seed your vision, share your passion, develop imagination in others – and your  Dream will slowly start transforming into product or service. At this stage might be considered unrealistic but this is a milestone that set a spark and will generate lots of powerful and inspirational ideas.

In oder to foster the vision in others you need to Communicate. It is important to find time and share your thoughts, clearly communicating to your followers what, when and how you see your dream becoming a reality. To master communication means to be a good listener: feedback, opinions, ideas are all vital for the entire process.

Judgement is critical in order to scan the horizon, ask the right questions, change the strategic path, keep the core resources, make decisions.

As per Gareth Jones, Fellow, London Business School, the outcome of the recent financial crisis led to a lack of Trust to Financial professionals, politicians, economists.  As a Business Leader you feel the huge impact of Distrust in daily operations that impedes organisation’s sustainable growth.

Great Performance is vital for a business development. To deliver as an Effective Leader you need to ensure that you Inspire and excite people to exceptional performance. And considering today’s economic difficulties to be an Exceptional Performer in Business is a survival technique, not a luxury.

For leader to inspire and excite for an exceptional performance it is necessary to respond to the expectation of others, mainly employees as the most important resource and asset of the organisation.

So, what exactly do your employees expect from you, their Leader?

  1. Their expect you to create a Community where every team will feel as part of one union.
  2. They want to be led by the trustworthy person – they want Authenticity
  3. They expect you to appreciate their contribution and feel their Significance.
  4. They expect you to Excite.

The latter might be possible by the Leader who is honestly passionate about his work, business and environment. Who is committed to run business in every environment with ‘”no strategy to exit, but only strategy to move forward”.

“Don’t start a company unless it’s an obsession and something you love. If you have an exit strategy, it’s not an obsession.” Mark Cuban

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