Why More Companies Are Inclining Toward Oracle Cloud Over Others

Everyone involved in cloud services understands that Oracle got into the cloud game pretty late and needs to do a lot of catching to compete with cloud giants head-on. However, Oracle has come out swinging, and due to this, it’s slowly but surely catching up with tech giants like Google, AWS, and Microsoft. Their rapidly increasing customer support is just one sign of their success in the cloud.


Here are some reasons why businesses are inclining toward oracle migration to cloud over the big-name competitions:

  1. They provide Full Stack Plus More

Nowadays, there are several cloud vendors, but only a handful of them can offer full cloud stacks of Software (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS). Oracle is among a few selected who offer the full stack, along with the big tech giants that we mentioned earlier.

Since Oracle provides both enterprise hardware and software integration services, and since most businesses are already using at least one Oracle solution, companies already prefer Oracle Cloud thanks to its fully integrated full-stack capabilities that are optimized to work with already implemented solutions.

  1. Oracle Cloud Offers Cutting Edge Functionalities

The cloud technology offered by tech giants was cutting edge years ago when they first released their cloud services before Oracle. But, with the advancement of technologies, it takes more than cloud services to stay relevant and competitive. Oracle may have been late in offering cloud services, but at this point, they are far ahead of their competition with services like migration to oracle cloud, cloud-powered AI and machine-learning capabilities.

Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud can reduce errors, minimize costs, improve security, and is 100 times more reliable than other on-premises options for Oracle Databases. Oracle Engineered Systems, a combination of Oracle hardware and software, automatically self tunes and optimizes to make your Oracle workloads more efficient and cost-effective.

In addition, thanks to Oracle’s careful attention to detail in identifying and leveraging only the most relevant, valuable data for its customers, their big data offerings have become trustworthy and extremely useful. And this is one of the prominent reasons businesses are choosing the Oracle Cloud over its competitors.

  1. Oracle’s commitment to customers

 The most prominent reason more businesses choose Oracle Cloud is that Oracle doesn’t require their customers to move to the cloud. The development roadmap of Oracle comprises supporting their on-premises solutions indefinitely.

In addition, Oracle customers have the freedom to perform oracle migration to cloud on their own timelines, at their own pace, without any forced migration. If businesses choose to leap, Oracle’s fully integrated, cloud-ready solutions make it easy to perform migration to oracle cloud with complete data portability.

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