Why Is Memphis In The News?

If you have never been to Memphis, Tennessee it would be very difficult to explain the city with simple words and do it justice. You would have a better idea of the diversity, and uniqueness of this incredible city if you have visited a few times. But, even then, you would not have the appreciation for the Bluff City that the citizens have that have lived here. Still, let us try to show you why Memphis is unlike anyplace else. Let us try to explain why people who live here are dedicated to it and why people who want to make a difference in the business world, the world of culture, and a social statement that will be heard all the way to the White House often come to Memphis.

Memphians know where to look for accurate local Memphis news. Thanks to technology, we can access this avenue of news from anywhere. Of course, there are many other news sources that report the news accurately. But, if you want a true picture of Memphis, look to a Memphis source.

Location means a lot

Memphis was built on the Chickasaw Bluffs. It borders Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi. It has the second-largest cargo airport in the world, following Hong Kong. It makes use of the great Mississippi River for cargo by riverboat and has a massive train system. The famous Hernando-De Soto Bridge is the only bridge for miles that allows cargo to move by truck to the closely connected states. As Memphis is a commercial hub for many huge corporations, this is important.

The location has always been a major point of interest for Memphis. It was the way cotton was shipped in the past. It was the way the Civil War was continued. It was the way famous people came to town, and it was the way the city was grown after the war, after the Yellow Fever Epidemic, and after the Depression. The diversity of people who migrated to Memphis is what created the city and their presence is seen today all over the city.

Beale Street – Memphis Music

You cannot know Memphis without knowing that Memphis is music. Beale Street is 1.8 miles long. It starts at the Mississippi River and runs East. Beale Street is the home of the Blues. For more than 150 years, people gathered at Beale Street to play and sing the blues. This legendary street is where some of the first black business owners took up shop.

Today Beale Street has live entertainment seven days per week and often 24-hours per day. There are famous bars that span both sides of the street. You can buy some of the best Memphis food, (like Memphis barbeque or chicken wings) to have with your drinks. Beale Street was often visited and still is visited by great stars such as Miss Ruby, W. C. Handy, B. B. King, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, and Joyce Cobb. Even the stars no longer with us, left their mark on Beale Street.

In The News Today

Okay so you understand how Memphis came to be, but a lot of cities have interesting pasts. What about now?

What makes Memphis so special is the people who live hear. From the super cool folks who live in midtown, who ride bikes or walk everywhere and wear vintage tee-shirts to the famous Orpheum Theater, to the Specialist who heads the University of Tennessee or St. Jude Children’s Hospital, we are all unique, special, and willing to give.

Ruby Bright – Women’s Foundation For a Greater Memphis

For example, today read about Ruby Bright. Bright is the President and CEO of Women’s Foundation For a Greater Memphis. Bright has watched as COVIC-19 has taken everything from some women. She has had to cancel several social events, meetings, and events with her people. But, she is not one to look away from pain. Bright started going to these women who were in trouble. She dedicated herself to stick with them for the term of the problem. She promises support to women and families in the 38126 zip code. Her volunteers have gathered so much to help, including 25,000 pounds of food.

Why Memphis is alive and thriving

•Saint Jude Children’s Hospital

Memphis is the site of the wonderful St. Jude Children’s Hospital. St. Jude’s is a world-famous hospital that specializes in children’s cancer. They have never and will never turn away a patient or their family because of an inability to pay. The child is cared for with state of the art equipment and the latest technology by the best doctors in the field. Parents are welcomed at the hospital and are cared for while they are in the hospital as guests. With the help of the Ronald McDonald House, families are given a free place to stay with meals and everything they need to stay with their child as long as they need it


FedEx Headquarters is located just outside of Memphis. This feeds into the fact that Memphis is a shipping hub that helps with Memphis holding on its title as a commerce capital. It doesn’t hurt that Memphis is a great city to fly out of since it is the home of Memphis International Airport.

•WGC FedEx St, Jude Invitational

This annual golf event is always a major turn-out. The best golfers compete and golf lovers fro around the world come to see it. The money earned from this event goes to St, Judes Children’s Hospital.

•Memphis Brooks Museum of Art

Memphis Brooks Museum of Art is another example of the heart of Memphis. This museum was founded in 1916 and it is the oldest and largest collection in the entire state of Tennessee. It is a “must-see” if you are in the city. The normal entry fee is $7.00 for adults and $3.00 for children over 6-years old. However, if you go on Wednesdays, your entry fee will be paid by a generous donation from Orion Federal Credit Union. There are other exceptions to payment.

There is no entry fee for children under 6-years old. There is no entry fee for teachers. And there is no entry fee for veterans. These exceptions are always in place.

There are so many great things to share with you about Memphis that it would be hard to put it all on one post. We encourage you to click this link and read about it for yourself. Even then, Memphis is the kind place you have to experience for yourself.

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