Why business leaders should be fluent writers

Why business leaders should be fluent writers

Leading a business today means being able to use multiple skills to help keep everyone working together. However, one of the most underrated skills for a business leader is the ability to write well. While most business leaders tend to have others do their writing for them, having a good eye for writing can be a very useful skill. Why, though? Why business leaders should be fluent writers ?

Why business leaders should be fluent writers

Why business leaders should be fluent writers

Make your points clearer

As a business leader, what you say has to be understood by your staff – and it has to be understood properly. When you improve your writing skills, you make it much easier to write down exactly what the business needs.

Business leaders should always be able to make their writing clear. Why? Because it makes it easier to always have in writing a clear example of what you need. Staff then always have an easy way to refer to what you have written. Then, it is much easier to make clear exactly what your staff need.

Inspire and inform

A natural writer can find a way, via their prose, to inspire the reader. If you are a business leader, your job is to inspire your staff. From an excellent analogy to a personal story, you can inspire your staff. They can feel more likely to succeed as they learn from their own writing.

This is very important, as a good leader can raise morale through the use of the right story, explanation, or crucial detail.

Avoid miscommunication

When you rely upon speech alone, it is hard for every member of staff to take in what you say and understand it fully. However, with good writing skills, you can make it much clearer what you need, when you need it, and why.

This keeps staff well informed about the purpose of their project and why it is needed. Staff who have more clarity about the current state of play in their workplace can then find it easier to contribute to improving the situation.

Show your natural suitability to leadership

Communication is an essential tool in leadership. A good leader is someone who speaks with clarity and with authority. In writing, you can make clear to clients, customers, and colleagues that you are on the right track.

From communicating targets clearly and with the required motivation to making clear exactly what is expected of each employee, you can set the tone for your authority. Good writing, though, makes it clear why these standards are set – this makes you seem less authoritarian, and more someone who is concerned with improving results and revenue.

A good, well-written piece can be far more effective in getting staff onside and performing consistently than a speech. The writing remains there for all to see and to be revisited in the future. Being able to convey your natural suitability to leadership with clear, consistent writing is a vital skill for any business leader.

Are you a natural writer?

Want to improve your writing skills? Then an easy way to do it is to look for writing guides and examples of different levels of quality. For example, you could try a GAMSAT essay writing guide and set of examples, such as the one found here: https://gradready.com.au/gamsat-example-essay

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