What Can I Do With An Online Degree In Accounting?

What Can I Do With An Online Degree In Accounting?
What Can I Do With An Online Degree In Accounting?

If you are reading this article, that means you either have a degree in accounting or you are planning to pursue a degree in accounting. It is one of the most respected careers across the globe, as well as the foundation of any business. Furthermore, it also helps you manage payroll, auditing and most importantly the financial management of the company. Once you have completed a degree with ACCA course from a reputed college, you are good to go!

The professionals and experts of accounting are said to be accountants. They are accountable to keep track of all the activities related to money in any organisation. They are the elemental part of public, private and even non-profit organisations.

Core responsibilities of accountants:

  • Preparation of the financial statements of the company
  • Maintenance of the financial records of the company
  • Assistance in giving ways to increase profits and revenue and reduce costs in a business
  • Accountable on behalf of the company that taxes are paid well in advance
  • Responsible for preparing financial data of the company

In accounting, there are different career options available. Each career option can take you to new heights in their respective domains. The job opportunities for accounting are growing exponentially.

Career options available in accounting

  • FORENSIC ACCOUNTING – Forensic accountant is responsible for checking out the money related to illegal activities and also criminal funding.

  • MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING – Management accountant keeps an eye on the financial operations of the organisation. As a result, there are high chances that the business will reach new heights in success.

  • PUBLIC ACCOUNTING – Public accountant is accountable for providing financial reporting and other accounting tasks for either individuals or organisations.

  • FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING – Financial accountant is for the public reporting of any company. They also provide a report of the financial status of the company.

  • AUDITING – The job of an auditor is to diagnose the likely risks in the business and assist with the preventive ways. They also check the financial documents to update them as per the financial laws.

  • GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTING – Government accountant manage the revenues, expenses and budget of the government. They manage to analyse financial information at country, state and city levels.

ACCA course

ACCA stands for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. ACCA is an international accountancy firm giving the qualification of “Chartered Certified Accountant”. You can pursue this course even if you have an accounting degree. Doing the degree with ACCA course is definitely an added advantage for you while applying for an accounting job.


  1. After completing the degree with ACCA course, you will get the “ACCA status” which, in itself is a big achievement!
  2. There are high chances of getting an immigrant status in Australia, UK, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand
  3. ACCA trains students for different strategic roles mostly at higher management levels
  4. Multinational companies prefer “ACCA status “students

Career Opportunities Given To ACCA Members

  • Accountant
  • Internal Auditors
  • Tax Accountant
  • Risk Manager
  • Credit Control Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Financial Analyst

After going through so many career options you must be clear which path to follow. A career in accounting means that you will have the doors open to work with any industry around the world.

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