What Are the Benefits of Dedicated Internet Access for Your Business?

Most of us get an internet connection because we want it to add value and provide faster internet speeds, but unfortunately, most of us fail to get what we get from an internet connection. For businesses, a slow internet connection can be an even bigger problem because it can cause network congestion, loss of productivity, and a halt in business operations, which can ultimately lead to loss of revenue.

A solution for most businesses and organizations to access high-speed Internet is to opt for Dedicated Internet Access or DIA. DIA, as the name suggests, is an internet connection that is exclusively dedicated to your business without sharing it with other businesses. This means that with DIA, you are getting an exclusive connection that is fast, reliable, secure, and not shared with other businesses.

In the business realm, the benefits of having dedicated internet access are many including some that we have mentioned below.

What Are the Benefits of Dedicated Internet Access for Your Business?

Guaranteed Bandwidth

Since you are getting a dedicated internet connection with DIA, your business won’t be sharing its connection with anyone else, meaning that you will be getting the promised bandwidth. This is one of the primary benefits of getting a DIA: you always get the promised bandwidth and most internet service providers will put this thing in writing in your service level agreement (SLA).

With DIA, you are not sharing your bandwidth with anyone else and get 100% of the purchased bandwidth. So even during periods of high usage, you won’t have to worry about internet speeds lag, or network congestion.

Symmetrical Speeds

On a shared internet connection, it is quite a rare sighting to get symmetrical download and upload speeds because most of the time you get download speeds that are according to your plans but upload speeds are much lower, resulting in asymmetrical internet speeds with higher download speeds and lower upload speeds. While download speeds are obviously more important, what most people don’t realize is that matching speeds are crucial for optimal voice, video conferencing, calling, collaboration platforms, and more.

The good thing about dedicated internet access is that you get to customize your upload and download through the Mercusys web management page, and get symmetrical speeds no matter what. This helps to prevent problems associated with uneven internet speeds such as delays, audial glitches, visual lags, etc.

Better Customer Support 

A great thing about getting dedicated internet access is that you get dedicated customer support that is available for you 24/7. Businesses can rely on their providers to provide customer support 24/7 and fix any problem that might arise within the period they provide in the agreement. Whether it is improper network configuration on http://mwlogin.net/ or a faulty cable, everything is taken care of by the support team.

In a DIA, the internet service provider has to abide by the service level agreement and it ensures that you are not only getting a high-quality internet connection but also 24/7 customer support. Contrary to this, with normal connections, you do get customer support but it is not as proactive or personalized as the one you get in a DIA.

Improved Security

How can we forget about the improved security of a DIA because it is much more secure than a shared internet connection, which helps to keep your data safe. Since the entire connection is dedicated to your business and you are not sharing your network connection with anyone else, there is no risk of any external threat or any data breach occurring. This adds an additional layer of security that is not possible on a shared connection.