What are BOC-3 services and why do trucking companies need them?

BOC-3 stands for a blanket of coverage, and it is mandated by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). The purpose of BOC-3 filing is to appoint a process agent that handles the legal documents for a business. A process agent acts as an intermediary between the FMCSA and you. Documents issued by the FMCSA are forwarded to you. Likewise, a process agent provides legal counsel and helps you in compiling documents. The following describes a bit about BOC-3 services briefly:

Trucking companies require BOC-3 filing to operate. Without it, they cannot start their business. BOC-3 filing is done electronically on the FMCSA website. You need to provide relevant information to fill out the form. These are as follows:

  • Name and address of the trucking business
  • The designated person (who receives the documents) and their title
  • The name of the process agent and the address for each state 

The address for each state must be listed separately. Each of these process agents must have their office in that particular state. You can also provide a blanket description, which means that one process agent will be available to the trucking business in all the states. 

It takes about three to four business days for the FMCSA to process and issue you the operating authority. If you have filed the form correctly, you will receive the operating authority within this time frame. Otherwise, it may even take longer. Check with the FMCSA if there is any delay in the issuance of the operation authority. 

You can file the BOC-3 through your process agent of choice. 

When selecting a process agent, you must look for a trained and professional team of individuals. Also, make sure that a process agent has relevant experience and expertise in dealing with trucking companies and freight forwarders. You have to pay a fee to hire a process agent; however, look for one that does not charge an additional fee for particular services. 

Once you receive your operating authority, your business becomes public. Moreover, your contact information will be available on the FMCSA website. 

Why does a trucking company require BOC-3 filing?

BOC-3 filing and an assigned process agent provide a few benefits to a trucking company. Here are a few benefits of BOC-3 Services:

Consultation services

A process agent provides consultation services regarding your business and its operations. They provide legal counsel to help run your business smoothly. A process agent may even operate as an advisor.


A process agent may also provide training to the trucking company in dealing with legal matters and compliance. 

Document filing and compliance

One of the roles of a process agent is to ensure that a company complies with the safety standards set by the FMCSA. It is essential to maintain operating authority. Hence, for this purpose, the process agent will fill out the necessary documents on behalf of the company. A process agent is well-versed in the requirements of the FMCSA for a trucking company. They can assist companies in this regard.

BOC-3 filing and FMCSA authority

BOC-3 services are there to help trucking and logistic businesses obtain operating authority. Not only do they help in BOC-3 filing, but they also aid in corresponding with the FMCSA (in case of delays). Hence, business owners do not have to worry about obtaining the operating authority because a process service agent does that for you.

In addition to this, a process agent will file the BOC-3 again if you have not received the operating authority. They will ensure that all the supporting documents are available. 

Correspondence with the FMCSA

The purpose of BOC-3 filing is to allow the FMCSA to correspond with the business owner (through a process agent). The process agent receives all legal documents on behalf of the trucking business and forwards them to the designated person. The process agent will provide legal consultation in this case and help you take the right action.

Blanket Coverage

Through BOC-3 filing, you will be assigned a process agent in each state. However, many BOC-3 filing services are available in all states. Through such process agents, you do not need to find a process agent in each state. Instead, you have blanket coverage, which means that you have one process agent available in all states.


For trucking companies that are starting, BOC-3 filing is an essential component for obtaining operating authority. However, there are other benefits that a trucking company receives.