Video Interview with Elise Quevedo: Education, Technology And How To Become A Global Thought Leader

Elise Quevedo is an author, keynote speaker, advisor, and social/digital media marketing consultant. She has been voted ‘Top 100 Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter’ and is ranked among the Top 2% most viewed profiles on Linked In.

Known as “The Digital Ghost Queen” for her behind the scenes work, Elise has inspired audiences around the globe at events such as Codefest in Macedonia, Pioneers in Vienna, Thrillionaire Revolution Global Tour in Australia, Asia, Switzerland, Russia, UK, Cyprus and Greece, AV Alliance in Budapest, Social Media SuperHero Summit in USA, DES(Digital Business World Congress) in Madrid where she also serves as Ambassador, Singapore University of Social Sciences and Huawei Connect Europe to name a few. She spends most of her time helping businesses and individuals from C-Level executives to Hollywood stars thrive in the cyberspace.

Elise often writes for MilliOnAir digital magazine and as a global thought leader has collaborated with Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, eBay, and Paypal.

Interests include AI, Digital Transformation, Disruptive technologies, Enterprise & Digital Innovation, the impact of digital learning in the younger generation, Tech 4 Good, IoT, Influencer Marketing, Start-Ups, business, and personal growth and leadership.

She loves storytelling when presenting and writing, and has fused her personal development and entertainment industry backgrounds within the tech world, making sure people understand the importance of keeping their online activities interactive and with a human feel. She created the SMEQ (Social Media Emotional Quotient), which is the art and influence of creating, attracting and building better business relationships through digital media.

She has been honored in the Top 100 Women of E-Commerce Awards and has been featured in Entrepreneurs 4 Schools campaign during Global Entrepreneurship Week in the UK.