How Your Vape Tank Impacts Vape Flavor

How Your Vape Tank Impacts Vape Flavor
How Your Vape Tank Impacts Vape Flavor

No doubt about it, there are plenty of flavors to choose from when vaping. What many people don’t realize, though, is that their vape tanks either hinder or enhance the flavor of the ejuice. Here’s a look at ways the vape tank impacts vape flavor and how you can choose the best vape tank to pair with your Smok Vape Kit to achieve the most flavorful vaping experience.

Too Many Wires

If you enjoy blowing massive clouds of vapor, you’re probably using a vaping device with a lot of wires in the atomizer coil head. The tank likely has a wide drip tip to ensure maximum airflow. While this setup is great for cloud chasing, it presents a problem when trying to preserve the flavor of your ejuice.

When using a tank that’s designed to achieve optimal cloud chasing capabilities, what you’re inhaling is mostly plain air. To top it off, you’re consuming an insane amount of liquid with each puff, and those puffs are extremely diluted, meaning the flavor isn’t as rich as it could be. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to switch to a single-coil tank with fewer wires, but it does mean a coil with fewer wires makes a difference in preserving the flavor of the ejuice.

The Less Air, the Better the Flavor

To enjoy the full potential of a flavor-chasing vaping experience, don’t leave the airflow collar on the tank fully open. Instead, tinker with its settings, closing it little by little. As you decrease the tank’s airflow, you’ll notice the richness of the ejuice flavor becomes more prominent. This is because the tank is only letting in the volume of air that is necessary to transfer the vapor from the coil to your mouth.

Use a Flavor-Chasing Coil

A coil with 10-plus wires is going to produce huge clouds, but it also makes the vaping device work in overtime mode to heat those wires up. It also requires a fully open airflow collar so it can manage the heat.

The best vape tank to use to achieve a flavor-rich vaping experience is one that uses a coil with a minimum mass and a maximum surface area. This maximizes vapor production while at the same time minimizing the device’s operating temperature. With this in mind, choose a coil with minimum heating wires. You may even want to consider a mesh coil as it is known to greatly enhance flavor chasing.

Choose a 510 Drip Tip

To enjoy the richest flavor possible, you must concentrate the vapor in your mouth on your tongue. With a wide drip tip, the vapor is directed to your throat instead of your palate. A 510 drip tip does a wonderful job at directing the vapor to your palate because it slows the entry of the vapor into your mouth. Depending on your vaping device, you may need a 810-to-510 adapter to use a 510 drip tip.

Some people use vaping as a form smoking cessation. Many make the switch from smoking cigarettes because they’ve heard it’s a healthier alternative. There’s also a large part of the vaping population who vape to save money. Regardless of your reason for vaping, make sure to use the tips outlined above to enjoy the best vaping experience. Demand distribution is the ideal option for wholesaler of electronic cigarettes.

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