Top Tips For Kitting Out Your New Office Space

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It’s such an enjoyable and exciting time for you. You’ve worked your socks off setting up your new start up business and have acquired a lease to a decent sized office space in an up and coming residential area. Now comes the extra fun part. Decorating the business in whatever way you like. It’s your business. It’s totally your choice. But we are here to provide you with a little helping hand along the way.

Make it user friendly

Your staff are so vital in your new business venture and it’s important that they feel perfectly at home in the office as this is where they will spend almost every minute of their working week. Boost morale by keeping the space bright and airy with good sized clear windows that overlook the great outdoors. Ensure that each member of staff feels comfortable in their job. Pick out a simple yet smart looking desk and an adjustable back pain free chair from a reputable furniture company like Arnold’s Office Furniture. Choose a neutral colour for the decor; one that will relate with them as much as you. This is also important for visitors coming into the office. In their first walk in, they will conjure up their own first impressions. Make sure they are positive with a welcoming front area and a clean office.

Chase the space

.Don’t underestimate your new office space. It may seem mightily big now but wait until everything is firmly in its place. A fully functional kitchen, a relaxing staff room and reception area are all essential and need to be thought of properly location wise. Take your time. This is an important decision. You must also make space for a printer, a photocopier, a computer or two as well as those endless rows of files you’re going to build up. Think about a hidden back room but remember to fight the temptation and try to keep it clutter free.

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The boss

So you did most of the hard work in setting up your own brand spanking new business so surely you deserve some perks right? Right! Well first things first, treat yourself to a comfortable and spacious office that’s fit for head honcho number one. When you’re positioning yourself, think about your own personal privacy. A place where you can welcome and talk in peace with potential staff and important visitors but also oversee the rest of the team going about their daily duties. Finally, make your room your own and ensure that you get the balance right with productive work duties and ways to relax. Golf clubs and a putting green anyone?

Whatever you do and how you do it, we are sure you will make the right decisions with your office area as you have done by taking the plunge and starting your own venture. By reading and following our top tips into decorating your office space, your happiness and those smiling faces around you will further illuminate your booming business.

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