Top 3 Products to Help Your Business Stand Out

Top 3 Products to Help Your Business Stand Out

When founding a new business, you want it to be perfect. For the majority of us, a new business isn’t a whim, it’s our life. We dedicate everything we have to it and we want it to succeed. Sometimes, we need a helping hand to do that. These products can really help your business stand out and bring you success.

A Top Website

This one sounds obvious but keep with me. You may have a website, you might even have a good website. You probably don’t have a great website. There are a number of great business websites out there, such as this one from ETQ.

You can immediately see what they sell and in great detail. Want to look closer? Just click the image. Want to change how things are displayed? There’s an easy to use menu in the bottom left and a filter in the bottom right, but they don’t impact how the product is shown. To the other corners there is a menu and your bag making it even easier to go where you want, but with an approach that doesn’t grab your focus. ETQ doesn’t overwhelm you with text, nor is it ugly, but nor is it complex to a degree where buying the product is a challenge.

The best businesses have great websites and as ETQ showed, they’re very achievable. With the likes of Upwork and PeoplePerHour providing easy access to developers, and with marketplaces like ThemeForest providing ready-made templates for your ease of use, there’s no real excuse for a poor website. The simple ability to be able to buy your product easily on a website that’s easy to use and look nice cannot be overestimated in making your business stand out. After all, how many websites do you use that look like they came out of the 90s? If your website’s looking a bit dated or if it’s hard to use, getting it sorted out could make a real difference in the success of your business.

Personalised Gear

Okay I lied a bit, this isn’t quite one product but I’m lumping them all together for the purpose of the article. No one wants to receive a package with their brand-new product in it that is still in the Fedex package the manufacturer sent it in. Nor, in companies that provide more professional services, do your clients want to be receiving generic mail or letters that could have been written by their next-door neighbour instead of an up and coming firm. It just doesn’t look professional and the customer doesn’t feel valued. If you received the same treatment, would you want to bring your custom back to that business? Of course not!

There is, however, an easy solution. There are a number of companies, both in the UK and further afield, that provide you with customised gear. Take custom envelopes, for example. If you’re sending mail to clients, they immediately show who you are, and they look professional. You can order cheap printed envelopes online easily so you don’t have to worry about sourcing printed envelopes in person. A variety of custom gear providers exist, providing you with everything from packaging to lanyards to make your business stand out and to impress your clients and customers.

CRM Software

This one is vital for almost any business. CRM (Customer relationship management) software is primarily focused around data analysis of your customers and allows you to track their habits and how they interact with your company in order to best provide them with what they want and, in turn, to drive your sales.

Insightly, for example, allows you to track your customers from a variety of places like your email client or a mobile app, thereby allowing you to keep track of how you have interacted with your customers and all relevant areas of information such as their spending with your company. This allows you to best look at how to improve their experience. A customer that only buys during sales, for example, might be quite price sensitive and a personalised offer could nab you another sale. On the opposite side, a customer that regularly buys might not need convincing to buy, and might rather just need more exposure to your products. CRM Software allows you to see these relationships and then formulate the best solutions, thereby driving your sales and profits.

Hopefully these products can help your business out. Whether it’s providing you with the tools to analyse your business and customers better, improving their experience, or helping them to purchase what you offer, these products are sure to help you bring your business to the next level. Make sure you check out more guides on how you can make your business look more professional and how you can help drive sales.