Top 10 Best Practices for Social Business Adoption

Great 10 examples from businesses, that are in the process of transforming into a social business. Sandy Carter and IBM created an infographic on the three stages of social business tranformation: Create, Launch, Engage. Read further what the 10 best practices are.

The 10 best practices in social business transformation are:


  • Integrate into processes
  • Customize the experience
  • Drive Culture with Governance
  • Hire social job roles


  • Leaders show the way
  • Evangelize and enable


  • Motivate & Engage
  • Reverse mentor your leaders
  • Raise an internal brand army
  • Show metrics and value

Reverse mentoring

The most intriguing amongst these practices really is the Reverse Mentoring. To go beyond hype and business-agnostic social business transformations, leaders need to be educated by more junior digital mavens, and the benefit is that these junior digital mavens get to learn the business better, creating a virtuous cycle.

The most challenging phase from this image point of perspective is the Engage phase. Creating and launching initiatives, making business cases, are instances, the true difficulty is continuity, cycles, true business performance enablement and engagement.

As shown below by an image by the Dachis Group, there are four social business adoption phases, and each phase needs its different set of strategies. The pilot and roll-out are challenging, because it needs a lot of change management to correctly get everyone along, enhance business performance and what more.

What do you think of the 10 best practices? Do you know another one that you want to add?