Tips For Finding The Right Influencer For Your Business

Tips For Finding The Right Influencer For Your Business
Tips For Finding The Right Influencer For Your Business

Influencer marketing reels out benefits, no doubt about that. However, if the influencer you’re working with is wrong for your brand, it can look like a wasted investment. The mere thought of wasting one’s resources on the wrong influencer is scary and should be prevented.

You need an influencer marketing tool to help handpick the right influencer fit that would help raise brand awareness and ultimately increase your sales and the goodwill of consumers towards your brand.

Before you settle on an influencer for your brand, here are some factors to consider:

1. Brand Relevance

This goes both ways- you have to assess this influencer’s brand and how relevant is to you. more importantly, evaluate how relevant your brand is to them, their audience and their content. The best influencers are those who organically blend well with your brand.

It’s the subtle things that matter- not just if they are within your brand’s sphere of influence e.g. technology, health or fitness. Look out for underlying principles that your brand builds itself on- such as versatility and seek for an influencer known for their versatility. This way, they understand your brand easier than someone who’s a stickler for the same routine practices every day.

2. Does Your Potential Influencer Have a Lot of Organic Platform Engagement?

You want to work with influencers who already have highly interactive audiences on their platforms. Do their readers comment and share posts actively? Are there loyal, ardent followers of the influencer’s brand?

If you have a lot of readers who engage continuously with your choice of an influencer, then it shows they have built meaningful relationships which your brand can then leverage on.

3. How Wide is the Influencer’s Reach?

Traffic metrics generated by an influencer are generally a good way of assessing the influencer’s reach. However, looking through the lenses of traffic generated by the potential influencer is only valid when it is traffic generated towards your target audience.

If you don’t need a travel blogger, their organic reach producing 50,000 monthly visitors is of no use to your tech company. You also need to realize that your clients and potential clients visit some social platforms more than others, and these are the ones you should concentrate on.

Traffic metrics generated by an influencer are generally a good way of assessing the influencer’s reach.
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4. How Often Can the Influencer Commit to Posting Content About Your Brand?

The simple logic followed here is that the more the frequency at which an influencer markets your brand by posting content about it, the better the traffic generated to your brand’s website and the greater your sales, eventually.

For most websites, there is the requirement of several visits by a visitor before they are finally inclined to make a purchase. This period of making them comfortable has to be followed diligently by the influencer.

5. How Authentic Does this Influencer Sound?

You don’t want to work with an influencer who has lost their authentic voice because they have marketed too many a product. A page which is more of sponsored content and less of organic content loses respect over time.

It helps a lot to have an influencer instead, use and then mention how good your product is- instead of straight up doing a product review (subtlety is key; no one likes being told in straight terms, what to do).


Always remember that the key to the heart of influencer marketing is choosing the right influencer for your brand; and building targeted content for your audience to savor.

No, it is not a magical process; but it works with a healthy dose of optimism and when consistently practiced.

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