These Key Themes In 2024 Will Shape Our Future With The Digital World

AI and the metaverse, decentralisation of AI interfacing, and the intersection of tech and geopolitics….. What are the key themes in 2024 that will shape our future with the evolving digital world?

These Key Themes In 2024 Will Shape Our Future With The Digital World

In 2024, emergent technologies, evolving business models, and consequent shifts in global geopolitics will shape the overall picture of a new and evolved world. 2024 is anticipated to be a watershed in our relationship with artificial intelligence (AI), with trends like decentralised and trustless economies gaining momentum.

Here are the key themes in 2024 that will shape our future with the digital world:

Synergy between AI and the metaverse

The fusion of AI and the metaverse is anticipated to give rise to innovative virtual applications, providing users with immersive and intelligent experiences. Building upon the integration of AI in gaming and AR applications, 2024 will witness the impact of powerful XR headsets and dedicated software, shaping the future landscape of AI-driven apps.

A pivotal development set in motion in mid-2023 by Apple’s introduction of the VisionPro headset is poised to dominate the tech scene in the coming year. As other manufacturers prepare to unveil their iterations, the debut of these advanced headsets in 2024 is expected to usher in a new era for virtual reality (VR), extended reality (XR), and augmented reality (AR).

Decentralisation of AI interfacing in 2024

The current reliance on cloud-based processing for large language models (LLMs) has prompted the tech industry to explore ways to distribute inferencing tasks to the edge, utilising the processing capabilities of individual PCs. This shift is exemplified by the concept of “edge clusters,” where company PCs collaborate as backend inferencing engines during off-peak hours.

This approach is gaining traction, especially with Intel and its partners set to introduce AI PCs, empowering companies to perform local inferencing on their proprietary data, bypassing the need for extensive cloud-based resources. The AI PC, as envisioned by Intel, represents a significant leap in AI capabilities integrated into personal computing, with the upcoming Intel Core Ultra processors leading this transformative initiative.

The intersection of technology and geopolitics

Following the impactful role technology played in the 2020 election, the upcoming political landscape is likely to witness an increased influence of AI tools. With concerns over deep fakes, malicious nation-states exploiting AI for political agendas, and the use of social media platforms to disseminate misinformation, the role of AI in shaping public opinion and political discourse is a source of apprehension.

As the election season unfolds, the potential for technology to create confusion and blur the lines between reality and falsehood raises pertinent questions about the ethical use of AI in political contexts.