The Mission Of Next Generation Marketing Research Should Be: Connecting The Dots

Posted by Michalis Michael and Steve Alexander

Everyone is talking about ‘big data analytics’ and how to extract value for organisations; all we read in shared content on social media is: the ‘new this’, the ‘new that’, the ‘first ever’ this and the ‘first ever’ that; how much of it should we pause and read carefully though? We have spoken about the deluge of data and information from this platform before…it is not getting any better.

So what do marketers need? 

Within market research, the notion of ‘connecting the dots’ is not new, if anything it may have been over-used to describe the data challenges during the last few years. A lot of traditional and new marketing research methods, processes and ideas are currently in flux, wrapped up in the social media frenzy…

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Bio’s of the Authors.

Michalis Michael

Founder and Managing Director, DigitalMR, UK

Michalis is a leading consultant on social media strategy who works with high profile and multinational blue chip companies. He is the founder of DigitalMR Ltd, the first holistic Digital Market Research Specialist. His particular expertise entails social media research and marketing strategy.

Steve Alexander (US based)

Steve is an Entrepreneur in the technology sector based on the East Coast & the valley.