The Future of Marketing and Blockchain Technology

The Future of Marketing and Blockchain Technology
The Future of Marketing and Blockchain Technology

If you’ve heard the recent buzz about blockchain, yet you’re not sure how it can help spur sales, you’re not alone. Regardless of your industry, you rely on a variety of sophisticated tools to help launch your business and boost advertising efforts. Agency managers and technology gurus are asking more and more questions about blockchain methodology. Let’s delve into everything you want to know about blockchain technology and how it can improve your marketing strategies.

What Is Blockchain Technology?

In the most basic sense, blockchain is a collection of digital information, called the “block,” that resides in a public database referred to as the “chain.” A block can store information about any verified transaction, such as those new shoes you bought on Amazon. It’s a decentralized, digital method of record keeping that’s impossible to alter. Everyone within the network can view a blockchain’s records, but no one can edit or delete it.

The first impactful public blockchain ledger is at the heart of Bitcoin’s success. Blockchain’s somewhat iron-clad security features underscore its potential benefits to any business owner. It can be used to store data about purchases, ensure greater user privacy, and maybe even lower processing fees and errors, but what does blockchain technology have to do with marketing?

How Does Blockchain Technology Improve Marketing?

What does the future of the marketplace look like for your business? Digital advertising powered by blockchain could be the driving force behind innovations that showcase your brand. It’s one of those technologies that’s shaping the way marketing and IT staff function day to day.

While online ads are generating some success, it’s a strategy riddled with imperfections. Users may see ads as annoying or disruptive. Blockchain technology might be able to improve digital display advertising by allowing users to decide which kinds of ads they see and as a way to implement revenue sharing programs.

Data is the centerpiece that holds the marketing industry together. Thanks to blockchain encryption technology, marketers get better targeting and performance data, publishers have the opportunity to earn more revenue with added control over the ads they display, and users don’t have to hand over their personal data.

Influencer marketing is essential for most startups
Influencer marketing is essential for most startups

Digital Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is essential for most startups. Your in-house teams shouldn’t overlook the power of social media to get your brand up and running. It helps build your company’s credibility, and your happy customers are only too pleased to tell other consumers why they should hire your business or shop in your store.

Attracting new customers means you need to make a presence where they are, and they’re hanging out on social media platforms from Facebook to YouTube. When done right, influencer marketing delivers a personal connection so you can actively engage your audience in a way that you can’t get through traditional channels. This strategy leads to a highly-motivated pool of potential customers within countless virtual niche communities.

Blockchain is one of the most complex emerging technologies out there. It stands to make marketing efforts more efficient, accurate, and secure.

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