The Best Methods To Produce Creative Campaigns For Your Brand


In marketing and advertising, producing memorable creative campaigns can be great for increasing brand awareness, sales and overall performance of your website. For many businesses, they’re an instrumental part of how brands operate and get ahead of their competitors in the search engines.

When it comes to creating campaigns, whether for advertising or marketing though it can be challenging to know where to start unless you’re a professional but do not fear. Yet getting it right couldn’t be more important. Professionals are always useful to contact first if you have the resource available. To help marketers out, nowadays are even solutions available offering AI-powered ad creative analysis, identifying key elements that make your ad successful, like colors, message, characters, etc. It allows you to streamline productivity and hit the target audience you want effectively.

While visually it’s important to strike a chord with your audience and consumers, the content featured in any campaigns should too. There are many ways in which you can do this, and below we’ve highlighted some of the most effective…

Customer Data

One of the easiest and quickest methods is to use insight from your own customer data. You can often unveil some great stories from your own data, it’s just a matter of finding it. A PR professional is always a good sounding board to discover stories to tell from your data, getting a firm understanding of what is likely to stick with the press or in the public consciousness.

The great thing about your own customer’s data is it is unique to you and puts you at the forefront as the expert. Trade publications will often pick up this kind of content and it can be great for building brand awareness in relevant fields.

FOI Requests

Government or public data can always be useful for analysis, not just for your business, but for building campaigns around too. In the US you can submit freedom of information requests to most publicly funded businesses, and you’ll often find plenty of data relevant to you. For example, if you’re a property business you may wish to discover the percentage of approved planning permissions across areas in the last year. Charities may wish to explore police records and crime rates in a particular field. This can all bolster your message and what’s more, it’s among the most trusted and reliable data around.

Social Data

There’s been a real influx of successful social campaigns of late, and using social media data is a great way to get an understanding of your customers and what type of content they want.

You can also use social data to create campaigns in your own right. For example, you could analyze social sentiment to uncover the positivity towards your brand, which can prove valuable stats for enticing more consumers. Or you could use social data to create entirely new campaigns and be part of a wider discussion.

For example, if you’re a sportswear brand, you could get into the discussion around the Super Bowl or Stanley Cup, some of the USA’s most-watched events, and uncover the social sentiment from viewers around each team or outcome. It could prove unique data and a real talking point not just on social media, but in national and relevant press too, again boosting brand authority.

Concept Art

You may not wish to use data at all but rather create a new concept. Many brands try stunts and various different concept arts, from redesigning buildings, to creating all manner of futuristic designs. This can be a great way to highlight what a creative and forward-thinking brand you are, all the while creating something newsworthy that’s never been seen before.

You can use your own insight and expertise to do this, while the actual creation would likely need to come from an expert designer. It’s a tactic used for many campaigns though across all manner of different industries and one that is more often than not very fruitful indeed.