Stock Up Your Cleaning Trolley This Christmas

Stock Up Your Cleaning Trolley This Christmas
Stock Up Your Cleaning Trolley This Christmas

The festive season may be a time of joy, excess and excitement – but it’s also a time that can be messier than any other time of year. From seas of wrapping paper to boozy Christmas parties, there’s no better time of year to make sure your cleaning trolley is stocked up with everything you need to combat stains, save upholstery and get that mess cleared up in no time. After all, anything that makes the clean-up easier after a particularly ‘energetic’ party it worth its weight in gold.

Here are some of the essentials that should be the staple of any cleaner’s trolley this holiday season:

Natural cleaning sprays

Natural cleaning sprays are necessary to ensure that you not only prevent the presence of allergens when cleaning but also provide a clean surface that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that may harm specific materials, like woods or marbles. Natural cleaning sprays are not only efficient; they’re effective at getting up the dirt and grime while keeping all furniture pristine.

Stain remover

One of the worst parts of any clean-up job is the potential for stains. Christmas festivities often have the drink flowing, and after everyone has had a few, it’s more likely than not that something will get spilt. Keeping a stain remover handy is an efficient way to get out any stains that aren’t too heavy-duty, but red wine stains on a light floor might need some particular attention.

Carpet cleaner

If the venue to be cleaned features both indoor and outdoor areas, then it’s likely that some dirt will be tracked through into the party area. Some simple vacuum powder will do the job in most cases, but the addition of some more heavy-duty leave-on creams can remove even the worst, most caked-in shoeprints in no time on rugs and carpets.

Gloves and dustpan

As we’ve already mentioned, Christmas parties very rarely finish without something getting spilt; and the same is valid for things being broken. From plates to glasses to bathroom fixtures, it’s common for something broken to be left lying around, so thick gloves and a handy dustpan and brush can offer you both safety and an easy way to pick up the pieces.

Upholstery cleaner

Venues featuring fabric chairs, plush sofas or beautiful rugs soon find their furniture looking worse for wear after a couple of parties. Mostly superficial stains can be easily removed with a bit of elbow grease and some upholstery cleaner; furniture can soon look brand new with a little attention.

Disposable cloths

The ultimate tool for any cleaning trolley, disposable cloths are the top item for any clean-up job. These versatile pieces of material can be used for anything from picking up food to cleaning windows, or dusting surfaces and disinfecting food areas. Running out of these multi-purpose products is a no-no for any cleaner, and it’s recommended to keep a roll on hand at all times.


Even in a room that doesn’t need all that much dusting, a touch of polish can make any area smell more expensive, and cleaner too. Polishing wooden surfaces from top to bottom give them a new sheen, while mirror-like surfaces will show up every fingerprint that’s not cleaned, something a duster and some polish can take care of.

Window cleaner

For mirrors and the interiors of windows, a bottle of window cleaner is a must for a smear-free surface. Letting that bit more light it can be transformative for any location and is sure to impress visitors and owners alike. For particularly bad surfaces, a squeegee stocked in the cleaning trolley can provide that fine finish, and even works for glass tables and other furniture for a gleaming finish.