How Software Advances Have Made Playing Online Poker A More Streamlined Experience

software advancement

The introduction of the internet has revolutionised poker forever. Since the roll out of the World Wide Web in the 1990s, people across the world have enjoyed the fun and convenience of playing poker online.

While the game poker has existed for hundreds of years, it was not until 1998 that the first online poker room entered the market.

The first online site, Planet Poker, was released by professional poker player Mike Caro. At this time, the poker software was fairly basic and pales in comparison to the innovative and consumer-focused software on the market today.

It did not take long for online poker to develop into a fully-fledged, profitable industry. An industry that now exists and thrives in many parts of the world.

In the year following the release of Planet Poker, other poker sites such as Paradise Poker and Poker Room quickly joined the market. From there, more and more competitors began to enter the world of online poker.

After just one year of being online, the internet poker industry bought in over $834 million dollars in revenue. As competition grows, online operators are racing to secure the best poker software and offer enticing promotion deals to attract new customers. 

Since then, the number of online operators and poker players has skyrocketed. In the US alone, over 60 million people have now played a game of online poker.

In 2003, the poker professional Chris Moneymaker raised the profile of online poker significantly. He qualified for the World Series of Poker through an online satellite poker site, turning a $39 fee into $2 million in prize winnings.

Since then, many others have played on online poker software in order to qualify for international tournaments. The online industry has helped lower the barrier of entry for these huge land-based competitions, it isn’t just well-established poker professionals that can compete. 

Why is playing poker online so popular?

People have been enjoying playing poker in casinos, at parties and at home with friends for many years, it is a way to socialise, enjoy some competition and even win some money. However, when online poker came along, players soon realised they could have these same experiences but from the comfort of their own sofa at home.

Going out to a casino costs money, there is transport to arrange, outfits to put together and drinks and food to purchase while you are out. Online poker avoids all these expenses and with low wagering requirements, it can often be a more budget friendly option.

Another benefit is the access the online players have to such a huge variety of games. Online poker gives consumers the option to play a large range of poker variations, all in one place. Few land-based venues can replicate this given the space they have available to them and the overhead costs they must pay.

Poker can now be played from all the device’s consumers have in their pockets or at their desks. Most software has been developed to function on different device types and operating systems.

The very latest poker software such as the newly released 888 Poker Platform can now connect with friends and competitors across the world, this has been designed with the current needs of consumers in mind.

The software has a range of exciting features, including exclusive new game formats SNAP Fast Fold and BLAST Jackpot Sit and Go. There are also bonuses such as random gift drops during gameplay and the opportunity to win on every spin in The Winner Spinner.

In recent years there has been even more focus on ensuring the poker software is fit for purpose on mobile devices. As mobile technology has become more advanced and mobile data connections more reliable, many players have soon a preference for gaming on mobile.

888 Poker found that at least 60% of their users preferred to play from their phone. Our lifestyles are getting increasingly busy and so mobile poker fits well around other life activities.

The latest poker software can run on your PC, browser or can be downloaded from your phone’s app library.

The future of online poker is bright, with exciting new advances in technology, playing poker online will continue to become a more streamlined and immersive experience for places.

For example, recent advances in virtual reality are already improving the experience vastly. VR poker games give players the chance to play as if they were in a real casino poker room, but with the convenience of never actually leaving their house.

Playing through a VR headset can enable you to chat with others as if you are in a live setting. Poker is at its heart a social game, so this illustrates how this technology can create a more authentic experience within the online world.

However, there are still some downsides to virtual reality. For example, the cost of the software and hardware, such as a headset, can be expensive and is therefore not accessible to the whole market.

As this type of technology is still in its early stages of development, those who invest in it now may miss out on more advanced iterations that will be released in the near future. The tech is yet to meet its full potential.

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