Smokeless Products are Now Providing Better Alternatives to Cigarettes and Vapes

Despite the dangers of smoking and vaping, millions of Brits continue to practice the habit. Many people know that cigarettes contain harmful chemicals—including tar and carbon monoxide. These can contribute to developing chronic conditions, like lung cancer and stroke, so they switch to vaping, which they believe is a less harmful substitute. Because of this, vaping in Great Britain has reached record levels, with 4.3 million regular vapers consisting of 2.4 million ex-smokers and 1.5 million current smokers.

Smokeless Products are Now Providing Better Alternatives to Cigarettes and Vapes


Though one needs only to be 18 or above to purchase these products in the UK, vapes and e-cigarettes are regulated as tobacco products in the EU. That’s because there’s still an ongoing debate on the safety of these products. Although vapes don’t contain tobacco, people still inhale its dangerous chemicals, such as benzene and formaldehyde. As such, cigarettes and vapes are both harmful.

Luckily, people who are looking to avoid smoking and vaping’s effects can turn to a number of smokeless alternatives. Since these are both smoke- and tobacco-free, they’re giving cigarette users more options than just vapes to switch to. Below are a few of them:



Nicotine lozenges are similar to ordinary lozenges, except these contain nicotine. These dissolve in the mouth for nicotine release, so they shouldn’t be chewed, swallowed, or sucked.

Boots carries many nicotine lozenge brands, like Nicotinell with 1 mg lozenges for a smaller nicotine dose and NicAssist microtabs that dissolve quickly in the mouth for quick nicotine satisfaction. Since they’re similar to regular candy, these smokeless products are simple to use—even for first-timers. It’s also commonly available across different pharmacies nationwide, so it’s easily accessible for people trying to move away from smoking and vaping.



Pouches are products that contain nicotine, flavourings, and food-grade fillers. These are kept in the mouth for nicotine release before being disposed of after a few minutes.

While there are many brands to choose from, the nicotine pouches on Prilla stand out because they offer a range of options. There are 15 mg strong pouches from FRE Mint for heavy cigarette and vape users and mini pouches from On! that are perfect for people who want to be discreet when using them in public. Nicotine pouches are also completely tobacco-free, so users don’t have to worry about similar effects that smoking and vaping bring. Finally, pouches can be purchased in bulk at a discount, so those considering these as an alternative smokeless product can get a great deal.



Patches are stuck to the skin for a particular amount of time. These deliver nicotine to the bloodstream via the skin, suitable for people who don’t want to use an oral smokeless product.

The nicotine patches available at Tesco include the NiQuitin clear patches in 7-21 mg options. People who want a steady dose of nicotine throughout the day would benefit from these since they can be worn for up to 24 hours. It’s also easy to hide under clothing for those conscious of being seen using a nicotine patch. Overall, nicotine patches are incredibly convenient for people who do not have the time or resources to use smokeless products at intervals during the day.



A spray provides nicotine through the mouth. It is sprayed on the inside of the cheeks, where blood vessels absorb the nicotine.

The nicotine spray from McNeil Products includes the Nicorette QuickMist, which delivers 1 mg of nicotine per spray. It allows individuals to receive instant nicotine with a single application, compared to pouches or lozenges that must be kept in the mouth. This spray also comes in a small bottle, making it easy to carry around and use in public spaces. However, users must only have 1-2 sprays every 30 minutes to 1 hour to avoid side effects like mouth irritation.

Using smokeless products decreases individuals’ chances of developing chronic conditions related to smoking and vaping. With the number of options in the market today, there’ll surely be a better alternative product for everyone.