Smart Ways to Keep Track Of Your Loved One’s Phone

You can keep track of your family members. This shouldn’t necessarily be a “trust” issue, but more of a security and safety issue. When your children haven’t arrived yet from school after having been dismissed for hours, or your spouse hasn’t called the house from a mall for hours, the screen of the cell phone tracking app will exactly tell you where they are, within a few seconds. Not all children are telling their parents the things they do at school, and even especially after school hours. Anxious parents should want to find out. These children could have problems with drugs, bullies, or criminals. The phone tracker can help you know, and enable you to take remedial measures.

Smart Ways to Keep Track Of Your Loved One's Phone
Smart Ways to Keep Track Of Your Loved One’s Phone

If you’re a business owner with employees that work in places outside your normal business office, cell phone tracking will quickly let you know whether they are where they should be and doing what they should be doing, or they are just fooling around. With a phone tracker installed on their phone, you can easily keep tabs on them. Also, knowing that you can easily find their whereabouts if you want to will make them less likely to goof around. These phone tracking systems can save your company both money and time.

Find my iPhone

One of the best-inbuilt tools for tracing apple products is, find my iPhone. With this activated and working, you can find an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac from almost anywhere in the world. With iCloud connected, you can monitor other aspects of the phone such as the gallery, messages, location history. Although this feature is usually available by default with every apple device, you need to activate and configure it to work with you.

The process for activating each device is very identical. Although Android phones also have a way to track their location, it doesn’t work with the GPS turned off. This means having the GPS on all the time which is quite unlikely.

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TheTruthSpy is one of the most popular tracking apps for both Android and iPhone. This app is one of those one-stop shops for keeping track of nearly everything happening in a phone. With this app, you can monitor images, messages, live calls, and videos among others. This way, you will be able to see everything that goes on in a particular device. This app also makes it possible for someone to listen to what’s happening around the device by remotely activating the mic. TheTruthSpy also can monitor WhatsApp messages which people on android use more than regular SMS.


If you are concerned about the safety of your loved one or if they are faithful to you, this is yet another app you might want to try out. With top-notch features, you can practically tell everything happening on the phone. The app is available for iPhone, android, and blackberry. With this app, you can monitor the most popular apps like snapchat, Facebook messenger Instagram and WhatsApp. If you would like to know what your child does on the internet, you can also monitor their activity. Most of all, you can track their location in real time.

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