Shipping Your Products: Software is the Key

Shipping Your Products: Software is the Key

Your dream of going global is finally coming to fruition. You have customers at every corner of the map but keeping up with the global demand is starting to eat into your profit. Before you look into reducing manufacturing costs, eliminating staff, or increasing prices you need to invest in a proven multi carrier shipping software solution.

Ducks in a Row

Local businesses can get away with a messy warehouse, inconsistent logistics control, and homegrown processes for managing its supply chain but a company that is going global cannot afford the associated risks. Investing in proven global trade software for parcel shipping separates the businesses ready for a global market from those that will be left behind.

By defining and streamlining logistics, you’ll be able to pass along savings to your customers and improve the bottom-line. A proven supply chain management software solution has built in processes to improve logistics, speed shipping, and reduce costs from a single platform.

The World is Your Oyster

Getting your product across the world is no easy feat. Whether by plane, train, automobile, or sea, your product needs to get to its destination – no questions asked. A multi-carrier and multi-modal parcel shipping software solution opens up the world to your product, making it accessible to the customers that demand it.
Remember, the vast majority of your potential customers live outside the continental United States. If you limit yourself to domestic sales, you are missing out on the customer base you need to take your business to the next level.

Investing in a multi carrier shipping software solution save money and improve profits.

When in Rome…

Still not convinced that a parcel shipping software solution is necessary? Well, then it is time to crack the books on the over 6,500 languages active across the world and become an expert on the import and export laws of each country. Customs agents are the gatekeepers that can choose to hold, delay, or reject your products, resulting in lost packages and returns, or allow them to pass, meaning you meet your delivery promises. Parcel shipping software solutions create easy to read labels and provide your shipping team with all the necessary documentation, properly filled, for shipping depending on the specific destination. That’s time and money in your pocket.

Brass Tacks

As a business owner, the bottom-line is the bottom-line. Will investing in a multi carrier shipping software solution save money and improve profits. The answer, when shipping globally, is yes. Your business will be finding the best carrier at the best price based on specific orders. Your process, labelling, and documentation will all be streamlined or automated, meaning reduced labor costs, more products shipped, and a reduction in delays and lost packages. Most importantly you’ll be accessing customers that had once been outside your reach, which means money that was previously untouched.

If your business is shipping globally and you are still working with the same system you used to meet local client needs, you’re wasting resources, time, and money. It’s time to invest in a parcel shipping solution that meets the demand for your product worldwide.