10 Tips To Fall Asleep In 5 Minutes Or Less

10 Tips To Fall Asleep In 5 Minutes Or Less
10 Tips To Fall Asleep In 5 Minutes Or Less

There’s very little in life that’s more aggravating than having trouble falling asleep. At some point, having difficulty falling asleep in the first few minutes gives the mind too much opportunity to reactivate and start thinking about things better left for daytime. 

If you have a frustrating habit of laying your head down to sleep only to find yourself struggling to do so 15 minutes later, there’s good news. You can used any combination of the 10 tips listed below to help you fall asleep in 5 minutes or less.

1. Don’t Take Long Naps

If your body only needs X number of hours a sleep today, it would be counterproductive to eat up some of those hours during the day while taking a nap. Confine your naps to 15 minutes and do your sleeping a night when you are tired. 

2. Keep the Sleeping Environment Comfortable

Body temperature plays a big role in the sleeping process. If you keep your body temperature low, your body will likely be in a more relaxed state. If you want to fall asleep faster and sleep longer, turn the temperature down in your room as low as your partner will allow. 

3. Unplug Yourself

The blue light put off by electronic devises has a tendency to activate the human mind. If you want to fall asleep soon after you go to bed, you need to think about unplugging your electronic devices (smartphone, tablet, computer, TV) at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

4. No Caffeine

Not much to say here other than caffeine acts like an amphetamine in the human body. You can’t seriously think about sleeping if you eat chocolate or drink coffee and soda close to bedtime.

5. Find the Right Mattress

The mattress you lay on has a profound effect on how quickly you fall asleep. Too hard or too soft and you’ll toss and turn a lot before finally resting easy for the night. The search for finding the right mattress can be difficult but a lot of the “mattress-in-a-box” companies allow you to try it for 90 days first. 

6. Program Your Body Clock

Like muscle memory, there are ways to program your body to do certain things. If you want to fall asleep faster, you need to train your body to allow that. A good way to program your body for sleep is by going to bed and waking up the same time every day.

7. Try Yoga and Mediation

Since sleep is a state of relaxation, it should make sense that relaxation exercises right before bedtime would help the sleep process. You should try yoga and meditation exercises to enhance your ability to fall asleep faster. 

8. Watch Food Consumption at Bedtime

You have to watch what you eat before bedtime because some foods will interfere with the body’s secretion of serotonin, a body function that promotes sleep. If you need a little snack, try nuts or a turkey sandwich. 

9. Put on Relaxing Music

Music does soothe the savage beast. If you put on music to help you fall asleep, keep it soft and relaxing. Music from KISS or AC/DC probably would be an issue.

10. Wear Yourself Out During the Day

Science shows that people who live an active lifestyle generally sleep better than folks who don’t. During the day, you need to be active and do exercise to increase your levels of tiredness.

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