Serious Legal Businesses Need a Solid Foundation:  Does Your Firm Have a Website That Speaks of Success?

Serious Legal Businesses Need a Solid Foundation:  Does Your Firm Have a Website That Speaks of Success?
Serious Legal Businesses Need a Solid Foundation:  Does Your Firm Have a Website That Speaks of Success?

In the business world, first impressions make for about 80% of success, so you better make them count. As a business owner who’s operating in the legal sphere, you must treat your website as your primary pillar of online success. After all, it’s the first thing your clients are going to see upon visiting. With that in mind, what are the most important elements of a successful website for lawyers?

1. Crystal-clear navigation

There’s nothing worse than stumbling upon a website that makes it hard to find the thing you’re looking for. Since most visitors tend to have a short attention span, this is something you simply cannot afford (or they’ll leave your website to check out your competitors).

2. Fast loading times

Building upon the previous point we’ve made, you simply cannot expect your visitors to lend you more than 10 seconds of your time for the website to load. They’ll just go elsewhere instead. A reliable hosting provider and cleanly-written code is what you need to achieve this.

3. Testimonials and social proof

One of your primary objectives is to convince a potential client that you’re worthy of their trust. To help you accomplish this goal, your website needs to incorporate testimonials of satisfied customers as well as social proof (Facebook likes, shares…)

4. Content that’s optimized for conversion

At the end of the day, you want to convert as many visitors into customers as possible. That’s the goal of every business out there, and it’s especially true for lawyers who need to prove they’re better than the fierce competition in order to win more clients. Therefore, the content on your website must be optimized to sell and always put the customer first, meaning it’s hard to overstate the benefits of your service by mentioning what they’re going to get if they choose to work with you.

5. Satisfaction guarantee

The modern spenders tend to be quite careful with how they spend their money, and they want to make sure it’s going to go to someone they can depend on. In order to win their trust, promise them you’re going to refund their money if they’re not completely satisfied with the service provided. It’s best to display a money-back guarantee igraphic on a visible part of your website.

6. Great design

Great design implies professionalism. Just imagine what people are going to think if your website looks like it was made by a high school student 10 years ago. You can take a look at for some good examples of professional website design, and even hire them to help you design your own.

7. Call to action

A call to action (or CTA for short) is a marketing term for the final element your content must contain: a way to let your visitors know what they’re expected to do next. Typically, this means scheduling an appointment with you, joining your mailing list, ordering a product or a service, and so forth. By using this tactic, your conversion rate should improve by quite a bit.


Professional websites have the ability to make sales even while you sleep. A website is the most important sales representative of your business, and you must treat it as such. Does your current website meet the criteria described above or is it time to renew it?