Business and Personal Growth Coaching Series By Richard Weaver – Part 3 in partnership with Groupe INSEEC London presents: Business and Personal Growth Coaching Series By Richard Weaver.

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A little motivation goes a long way, a new survey from OfficeTeam recently suggested. More than six in 10 (61 per cent) workers interviewed admitted it’s at least somewhat likely they would leave their current position if they felt disengaged. That’s bad news for some employers: more than one-quarter (26 per cent) of professionals said their company is not effective at keeping staff motivated. Its even more bad news if you are a Startup. Perhaps you have a global team that works remotely, how do you make it work effectively?

Its a known fact that you can’t force anyone to work together as a team because the harder you try the faster you’ll push them apart. What you will often need is a clear and symplistic vision, working to short-term goals is always best. Keep the startup mentality ditch the guise of the “boss”  and adopt a leadership attitude, finally apply the “Three C’s” to build successful teams: Cooperate,Collaborate and Coordinate.

  1. Five ideas for keeping employees motivated:
  2. Keep them out of the dark. Whenever feasible, give your staff updates on the company’s financial performance and long- and short-term goals, and explain what this information means for them and their jobs.
  3. Ask for input. 
  4. Break out of comfort zones. Encourage staff to take on new responsibilities and projects.
  5. Discuss career aspirations. It’s crucial for employees to set career goals so they feel they’re working toward something and can see that the company supports their professional aspirations.
  6. Give them a break. Remind workers to take regular breaks to recharge, and set a good example by doing so yourself.

In part 3 of this video series, Richards examines the impact of staff on a business, Team building and motivation.


Richard Weaver

Richard Weaver is a former Chief Inspector with the Metropolitan Police, and  now a Business Growth Partner and Accredited Growth Accelerator Coach with Advantage Business Partnerships Ltd. Over the last 10 years Richard has been involved in major restructuring programmes at strategic and delivery levels which have resulted in significant costs savings and improved outcomes. He now uses this experience to share with and steer business owners through the multiple challenges and opportunities faced when running their own business.  In his spare time, he continue to put his coaching skills to good use, working with the Rugby Football Union to support the development of National Panel referees to become Championship and Premiership officials..