Why SEO Will Be Still Worth It In 2020 And Beyond?

SEO company experts often face questions such as – Is SEO really worth it?

Will SEO holds its important position in 2020 and beyond?

And so on…

Why SEO Will Be Still Worth It In 2020 And Beyond?


Well, truth be told, the importance of SEO is quite discernible and it makes more sense today because of all the algorithm updates by Google. Take Panda, and Hummingbird, for example, and you’ll understand this point of view. They have tweaked their search result pages multiple times to increase the effectiveness of SEO and as the world is changing so rapidly today, SEO will evolve further to become more important in times to come.

Yes, if we consider the old SEO techniques, then definitely those are pretty useless now. But this doesn’t mean SEO as a whole will lose its importance any time soon, especially if you’re working with the best SEO agency.


SEO still remains the most viable digital marketing strategy in fetching positive long-term results

SEO has undergone and is still undergoing a lot of changes. For example, the BERT update by Google in 2019 resulted in trouble for SEO experts worldwide. But the point is we have to adapt to the changes to get going. So, today SEO is more about optimizing content that is based on intent; just don’t run behind keywords blindly; today search intent is more important.


SEO remains the best option for local businesses

With local SEO, you can reach out to your potential customers who are based out of the same place as your small business. Suppose you are searching for something on Google, Google will personalize your searches based on where you are located. The local optimization of your website with local keywords will mean that searches that are directed to your niche will result in your pages being on the top of SERP. This, in turn, will result in better business for you than your competitors. To make your website visible in local search you can opt for backlink outreach, fill the Google My Business profile, and get positive reviews from your clients.


Intent-based searching

Today, the importance of intent-based searches has increased mainly after Google’s BERT update in 2019. Google is more interested in showing people what they exactly search for. What does this mean? This means that Google can understand the intent behind each search, and if your website has content that matches the intent of the users, then your website will have an impressive ranking. So, the bottom line is ‘intent’ holds more value than a specific keyword.

So, you will see long-tail keywords are being used more often which provides a precise answer to a user’s specific question. Once you understand how to make SEO intent-driven you will gain organic traffic, which is important for any business or even if you are a blogger.


Final words

SEO is going to stay, so using it alongside your multichannel approach will ensure a continuous influx of leads and traffic. In fact, recent studies show that people are getting tired of traditional methods of advertisements such as email marketing, campaigns, cold calling, and so on. In such a situation, SEO is perhaps one of the best options as far as the brand authority and reaching out to people are considered.