Reskilling For The Future: The AI Fundamentals Program By IBM Is A Response To The Rising Demand For AI Skills

The 10-hour AI Fundamentals program by IBM offers essential AI skills through its SkillsBuild learning portal for AI developers, software engineers, IT engineers, data scientists, digital marketers, and product designers.

Reskilling For The Future: The AI Fundamentals Program By IBM Is A Response To The Rising Demand For AI Skills

The AI Fundamentals program by IBM is meticulously crafted to furnish learners with a profound comprehension of fundamental AI concepts, encompassing areas such as generative AI and machine learning. This educational offering is conveniently accessible through IBM’s SkillsBuild learning portal, providing participants with free and comprehensive AI training.

Structured across six courses, the program is designed to be completed in approximately ten hours, ensuring an efficient learning experience. What sets this program apart is its inherent flexibility and self-paced nature, making it an optimal educational resource for individuals from diverse backgrounds who are eager to enrich their understanding of AI at their own pace.

IBM AI Fundamental Program: Accelerating AI Learning

The IBM AI Fundamental Program emerges as a strategic response to the growing demand for AI skills across diverse industries, addressing the imperative need for workforce reskilling. According to the IBM Institute of Business Value report, about 40% of the workforce, particularly those in entry-level roles, is projected to undergo reskilling within the next three years, driven by the escalating influence of AI and automation.

Enrollees in this comprehensive program are presented with the valuable opportunity to earn industry-recognised digital credentials upon successful completion. These credentials not only signify a proficiency in AI but also serve as tangible proof of expertise, enhancing participants’ employability and professional standing. The earned credentials can be prominently showcased on platforms such as LinkedIn or within resumes.

The curriculum of the IBM AI Fundamental Program is thoughtfully designed, featuring six core courses that provide a comprehensive foundation in artificial intelligence. These courses cover essential aspects such as the Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Running AI Models with IBM Watson Studio, AI Ethics, and insights into the future job landscape in AI. Additionally, participants are given the opportunity to deepen their AI knowledge by opting for an optional seventh course, “Mastering the Art of Prompting.” This optional module allows learners to delve further into the intricacies of AI, enhancing their understanding and proficiency in the field.

This robust offering not only equips learners with fundamental AI knowledge but also prepares them for the intricacies of AI implementation, ethics, and the evolving job landscape, setting the stage for a successful and informed AI career.

The SkillsBuild learning portal of IBM

IBM SkillsBuild’s open Digital Learning platform for Job Seekers stands as a comprehensive hub revolutionising the approach to learning for thousands of SkillsBuild learners. Originally founded in 2005 as the IBM Academic Initiative, the platform, now known as IBM SkillsBuild Software Downloads, empowers learners, educators, and researchers in accredited academic institutions to integrate IBM tools, courses, and resources into their educational endeavors. The core mission is to equip learners with hands-on experience using robust tools, ensuring they graduate with practical skills for the evolving landscape of their chosen careers.

Highlighting the versatility of AI across diverse fields such as technology, design, and human resources, The AI Fundamentals Program by IBM enables professionals to get a profound understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) concepts, including natural language processing, computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, chatbots, and neural networks.

The credential holder of the AI Fundamental course also exhibits knowledge in AI ethics and practical applications of AI. Furthermore, the individual possesses a conceptual understanding of running an AI model using IBM Watson Studio.