How to Pick the Best WiFi Package for Your Home, Budget and Needs

How to Pick the Best WiFi Package for Your Home, Budget and Needs
How to Pick the Best WiFi Package for Your Home, Budget and Needs

When people talk about WiFi, they tend to do it in very general terms—for instance, if a coffee shop has WiFi or if they have it installed in their home. But now that you have decided to invest in WiFi, you have probably noticed that there is quite a difference in the speeds, costs, regional options and other factors.

To help you choose the best WiFi package for your usage, budget and other needs, please consider the following tips:

Think about Speed

You have probably heard friends complain about or praise the quick WiFi speed in their homes. What they are technically referring to is bandwidth, which is the rate that determines how quickly you can download data from the internet to your computer and other devices. In order to ensure that you buy WiFi with enough bandwidth to handle everything you want it to do, it’s important to have an idea of how much you will need for your desired activities.

For instance, if you are a gamer and/or live with people who love computer and/or video games, you should be aware of what each console will require. In general, an Xbox One will need a minimum download speed of 3 Mbps. Other common tasks that will use up bandwidth include downloading large files, which need 50 Mbps or more, video streaming at 3 to 4 Mbps and general everyday computer tasks like emails, which need around 1 Mbps. Add up your predicted Mbps numbers, and you’ll have a solid idea of how much bandwidth you’ll need from your WiFi.

Manage Users

If you live alone or with a roommate, you probably won’t require a huge WiFi package. Even if you are streaming a movie and your roommate is busy answering work emails, the combined amount of bandwidth needed won’t be very much. On the flip side, you may need help figuring out how to improve your home WiFi if you have a spouse who is constantly streaming music and kids who regularly play computer games. If this is the case, you might be better off investing in what is called a whole home WiFi system. This will give you custom coverage that will give you a strong signal through your entire home; this way, no matter where you place your router, everyone will have a fast connection.

Ask About Bundling Options

To save money on your new WiFi package, ask your cable company if it offers a bundling option that includes phone, internet and TV services. If you have a landline and are intent upon keeping it, this might save you some money. You can also ask for promotions for new customers; or if you have been an established customer with the cable company for some time, ask if they can give you a discount if you add WiFi to your account.

Enjoy Your New WiFi Package

While it might seem initially overwhelming to compare WiFi packages, if you break it down with the help of these three tips, it should go quite smoothly. Do your research and learn how much bandwidth you will need as well as think about who will use it, and then ask about any discounts that may apply. You should end up with the ideal WiFi package for your needs and budget.

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