Nurturing Startups And Innovations In The Web 3.0 Space: Gregory Griffiths, Founder Of IDEAX Ventures, On Dinis Guarda YouTube Podcast

Dinis Guarda interviewed entrepreneur and technology evangelist Gregory Griffiths, Chairman and Founder of IDEAX Ventures, in the latest episode of his YouTube Podcast series. The two discuss the basics of entrepreneurship and innovation, and how IDEAX is building a decentralised ecosystem for startups.

The interview kicks off with an in-depth journey of Greg Griffiths. His passion for technology and finance took Greg, who is originally from Bellmouth, the south coast of England, to the United States, and to Australia. “That’s when the technology part came in, dealing with all sorts of companies to Fortunes to large enterprise, the corporate, the federal government, and the SMEs”, he said, referring to his extensive work as senior executive at some of the corporations including Spigit, Singtel Optus (where he achieved the largest corporate contract deal size value), Elcom and Nexon Asia Pacific.

An evangelist in technology since 2004, Greg had been benchmarking his experience and skills by advising various startups and enterprises, especially in the field of blockchain and Web 3.0. Speaking about this role, he told Dinis: “It’s very strategic. The space that we work in, the Web 3.0 space, it’s very fast and dynamic, and it’s really the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Web 3.0 really needs to be embraced. Though, a couple of years ahead of us, the adoption is really going to get bigger, and so it’s a privilege to represent and advise startups at this point of time.”

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UCROWDME and IDEAX: Greg’s solutions built on Web 3.0

Dinis was interested to know how his latest Web 3.0 ventures hold a promise for startups and innovators to create a thriving community within the space. Greg told him that although IDEAX ventures was established only a few months ago, it came up to fill in the gaps that exist in the Web 3.0 space.

Explaining the gap, he told Dinis: “There isn’t really a market or a dedicated channel for Web 3.0 startups or investors. So, we wanted to better support early stage startups and companies”.

On the other hand, UCRWDME, he said, was a global ideas innovation marketplace, a platform to build more personalised connections with investors.

He concluded that with his current ventures, he envisions to bridge the startups and investors in the Web 3.0 community with a layer of trust and transparency, while adding value and creating a system of professionalism.

Creating processes to make new technologies accessible to all

Impressed by the diversity of projects that Greg is involved in, Dinis asked him to share some lessons for the startups and entrepreneurs. Explaining the opportunities that lie within the realms of Web 3.0, the metaverse, and blockchain, Greg said: “It comes down to a long-term strategic role of what you want to accomplish, by when, and how you are going to get there. These are the three key pillars that need to be identified between now and then.”

Explaining the gaps that exist in the Web 3.0 world, he also said that these tools and technologies improve and enhance the way we do things, and that it takes time for adoption and maturity of a new technology. Therefore, to make this accessible to the world, collective efforts would be needed, both from the brands, to create awareness, and individual startups to explore the opportunities that lie within.

“I think there’s a lot of grey areas within the Web 3.0 space. How can they be put in a rubik’s cube so that they are all aligned, that would take time,” he concluded.