New Study Reveals The Most Popular Online Games In The US

A new study revealed that pac-man is America’s most popular online game, according to Google search data.

New Study Reveals The Most Popular Online Games In The US
New Study Reveals The Most Popular Online Games In The US

The study, conducted by the online gaming platform Yahtzee Craze analysed Google US and worldwide data for the 14 most popular searches online associated with the word play and ranked them according to the average monthly searches on Google in the US and worldwide.

According to the results, the 10 most popular online games in the US are:

1. Pac-man

This super famous videogame from the 80s is the US’ favorite online game, according to the research. With an average of 768,000 Google searches, this game remains America’s most searched game to play onine these days.

2. Snake

Despite being the world’s most searched-for game (with an average of 1,460,00 searches per month), Snake is the second most popular game in the US, with an average of 669,000 searches per month.

3. Solitaire

The online card game Solitaire is third in the ranking. This popular game is the third most searched online game in the US, with 499,000 searches per month, and globally with 932,000 searches per month worldwide.

4. Tic tac toe

Known all over the world, tic-tac-toe is one of those games most of us played in our childhood. With an average volume of 375,000 searches in the US only, this is America’s fourth most played online game.

5. Minesweeper

This logic puzzle video game has been around since the late 80s. According to the research, minesweeper is America’s fifth most searched online game, with an average of 316,000 Google searches per month, and 640,000 monthly searches worldwide.

A spokesperson for Yahtzee Craze commented on the findings:

“It’s incredible to see how many games from the 80s and 90s are played in such a high volume still today. As well as being good fun, these games are good for improving strategic thinking and problem solving: a great way to spend some of your free time!”

The study was conducted by Yahtzee Craze, an online gaming platform for popular dice games.