Mining the Value of the Public Services Act 2012 – Social Value Bootcamp

Mining the Value of the Public Services Act 2012 – Social Value Bootcamp

When the personal becomes the political – A route-map to defining our own values and harnessing the power of the Public Services Act to create positive change in society.

The Social Value Portal and Uprise Policy Forum are hosting a landmark one day interactive conference with the support of some of the leading FTSE 100 companies, leading charities and pioneering social enterprises.

The legal obligations of The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 and its process unlock the millions of pounds of social value you could be adding to your local communities just by using your procurement power.

The Act provides a framework and opportunity for a new model of collaborative outcome focussed procurement and delivery.

All companies in the real estate, property development and construction sectors should understand the opportunities afforded by the Act – indeed any company that might conceivably bid for a contract from a public body would do well to understand the legislation.

For example, a contract might provide opportunities for employment or vocational training. A company that secured a contract to build a tower in Canary Wharf also provided employment to the local long-term employed and offered lessons and taster days in various roles within the company and its suppliers, encouraging them to enter into a career in the built environment and construction.

Generally when third sector organisations mention social value, they elaborate on the value of the interventions and programs they run with reference to social return on investment.

Whilst measurement is essential, it is not the same as the strategic positioning of the VCSE sector to take on assets, services and programs as a solution to the Act requirements for organisations bidding for public sector contracts.

How do we incorporate real value into our services and make it central to metrics that demonstrate the true change we deliver?

Mining the Value of the Public Services Act 2012 – Social Value Bootcamp is a great event that will happen in London in March, 16 2016, precisely to talk about the Public Services Act 2012. The event will try to give answers to some of the former questions.

The day is broken up into workshops, panel discussions and break out groups to explore our own vision and values and hear and see what success looks like. How can you replicate this, in your own way in your organisation using intuitive tools?

The event will start with a barnstorming opening by Dai Powell CEO of HCT which recently raised £10m for growth capital. It will have the participation of key representatives from the private, third and public sectors, and it will examine the success stories, the pitfalls and the way ahead with the pioneers, the funders, the commissioners and the key disruptors changing the commissioning of our public services. We’ll share case studies where the implementation of the Act has resulted in valuable contracts. By the end of the day, you’ll leave with your own Social Value Tool Kit tailored for your organisation to leverage the power of the act. Admission price includes free membership of the Social Value Portal and all conference materials.

Confirmed speakers are: Balfour Beatty, Big Issue Invest, BWB LLP, Big Society Capital, Cabinet Office, Charity Bank, Clean Sheet, FT, GLA, Mail on Sunday, Ministry of Justice, Numbers for Good, Pioneers’ Post, One Fish Two Fish, Tempus Novus, Serco, Social Value Portal, WeConnect Int’l and others to be announced.

There will be a master class by Guy Battle CEO, Social Value Portal on assessing the social value of a building.

The event is a must to people interested in gaining insight into what good practice in leveraging the Act looks like , case studies from organisations and statutory bodies who are doing it effectively

By attending the event you will have the opportunity to get a free membership of the Social Value Portal, a key tool for your company’s procurement processes, unparalleled access to knowledge and data banks on procurement and measurement – worth up to £5 000

You will have the opportunity as well to:

  • ​Network with ​practitioners throughout and after the event with our cutting edge digital business card
  • Bespoke introductions to key people you want to meet, discreetly arranged by our event planning team
  • Learning ​relating ​to ​key ​sectors: ​justice, the funders’ perspective, built environment, ​local ​authorities, storytelling our successes
  • Detailed analysis of what to measure, how to report it, bench-marking and integrated reporting ​
  • An exciting silent auction with proceeds going to a recognized CiC
  • Post event briefing packs with all the panelists’ slides, presentations and PDFs of key findings 2 weeks after the event
  • ongoing delegates only LinkedIn forum to debate learning and tools

Wednesday, 16 March 2016 from 08:30 to 17:30 (GMT) – Add to Calendar
Central London – Friends’ Meeting House. 173-177 Euston Rd, Kings Cross, . London, England NW1 2BJ GB