Maximising Your Business’s Opportunity With Print Marketing

Maximising Your Business’s Opportunity With Print Marketing

When it comes to marketing your business successfully, it is handy to be in a location where there is good foot traffic. If you are serving food, you want to serve the food to a hungry crowd. And if you go to a shopping mall, you will find the hungry crowd in the food court. Driving people to know where your business is or even to turn them from browsers to active buyers depends on the type of marketing message that you deliver to them.

Print services in Melbourne have been supporting print marketing for generations. Successful prints will add value to the perception of the products and the business brand as a whole. Below are a few ways businesses can leverage print in their marketing activities.

Triggering intent to consider or buy
If you want to quickly get your business out into the brick and mortar world without having to outlay large budgets like large brands, then print marketing is the avenue to use to quickly create discovery with your products and services. Print marketing materials such as newsletters, bulletins, brochures, flyers, sales banners and pamphlets trigger intent to consider and to buy for your business’s prospects.

Transitioning from consideration to action
Print advertising can work wonders when you need to turn prospective customers into actual buying customers. For years, it has proved to be a method where it is relatively cheap to develop in bulk and the message can be tailored to educate and persuade potential buyers into taking action. Marketers can leverage this successfully with the type of prints, inks, images and communication message that they use. Combine this with compelling offers and businesses have a print marketing campaign that works as a conversion machine.

Print brochures.
Print brochures can work incredibly well, especially when used in direct marketing campaigns such as direct mail. Developing catalogues for prospective buyers to browse not only provides pre-qualified leads coming into the business, but also develops your business’s brand awareness among the market. Print brochures can provide additional information to educate the market. Cost-wise, it is relatively inexpensive to print brochures when it is in context with the amount of potential business that you can receive. You may want to outsource your printing to a professional company, although if you invest in a digital printer and machines like the Slitter Cutter Creaser by Duplo, you will comfortably be able to do this in-house

Print packaging
To enhance the perceived value of a product, it is ideal to look into print packaging options. The print that is used on the box can further be used to sell the value of the product with added messaging. For example, “Exclusive” or “Limited Edition”.

Print point of sale
To enhance your chance of gaining more sales, it is ideal to use print advertising to get the message across.Whether you are promoting special offers or you are promoting sales discounts, the printed cardboard counter displays or floor displays that are used will trigger intent.

Things to learn from print marketing heavy nations like South Korea
In South Korea, you will find that many local businesses rely heavily on print marketing campaigns. The majority of businesses do not gain discovery from their potential customers from natural foot traffic and location. The way business owners overcome this is by promoting heavily with print flyers and brochures in a form of ‘pull marketing’ that drives foot flow towards their business establishment. On the streets of Seoul, you will find guerilla marketing teams heavily promoting brochures with offers, the business address and location on where to find them. The same can be said of direct mail. South Korean homeowners receive a staggering amount of direct print advertising mail. Many of which are kept inside of the house and encourage homeowners to call their business. These types of marketing activities work. Australian businesses can leverage similar tactics to drive more foot flow to their business.

Print advertising is an effective marketing medium that is often underutilized in business. Rather than miss an opportunity to drive new business sales, consult with a printing company that will aid you with your lead generation strategy.