Maintaining a Small Business At Home? Stay Comfortable with These Tips

Maintaining a Small Business At Home? Stay Comfortable with These Tips

Anyone who has worked at a great modern office knows how many perks there are in them. There’s usually free tea and coffee. Often there are also free carbonated drinks. They’re spacious, colourful and are armed to the teeth with great technology. (Remember that I called this a great modern office – some offices are still stuck in the past!)

Of course, a lot of what we love about a modern office doesn’t relate all that much to work. They’re luxuries. But we know that luxuries do help workers stay happy and more comfortable. That, in itself, increases productivity.

But when you’re maintaining a small business from home, things are a little more difficult. With so many people graduating from business studies and economics courses, more and more people and starting up at home. And to compensate for a lack of office space, they’re getting employees to work in one location.

People often picture such a home business as an uncomfortable mess. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Here are some affordable things you should do with your home-cum-office.

Good coffee – and lots of it

What is an office without coffee? The two are inseparable. The first scent you should detect in any office is coffee. (If it’s cigarette smoke and whisky, then please find a way back from the 1950s.) If you’ve got a group of people working at your property, then there’s going to be high and frequent demand for a caffeine dose.


One of the problems here is that making all those hot drinks can be fairly time-consuming.  You also don’t want to wear out your kettle too quickly! You could get a hot water dispenser, but that uses a lot of electricity. It also means people have to drink instant coffee! (Eurgh!) Consider getting a coffee machine for the best mix of speed, quantity and quality. Find out more at

You can also take the next step and work with an office coffee company to have the machines, coffee, and supplies regularly delivered to you.

Fast Internet and good TV

With a lot of people using the same Internet connection, things can get a little slow. As you’re working from your residence, you may find it difficult to get a discounted business broadband that can handle anything. This means your home connection needs to be fast as heck and solid as a rock.

You may also want to consider your TV channels. After all, why not provide your employees with some entertainment during breaks? And with after-hours TV and video game sessions, you can help blow off steam and create bonds between everyone. You should look into bundle deals at

Space and tidiness!

You probably figured this one out already. But maybe you haven’t! Maybe the rooms of your house are a bit cluttered. While it is your residence, you should take your employees into account.

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Make your home appear as open a space as possible. It may not look very homely, but a home-cum-office isn’t going to, is it? So make sure the floors are vacuumed after hours.Keep all your tidbits in a room separate from where everyone works. Clutter makes people distracted. It makes their brains feel cluttered to! Read up about decluttering your home at